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it was my bestfriend who helped me admit to myself that i am bi. im having girl crushes then and i didn't know what to do or think and i hated myself because of it. but she helped me little by little to learn to accept it. however, im still weak to let other people know. i feel my other friends are kind of suspicious even my ex boyfriend but i just couldn't tell them. they wont understand. its hard to be discreet. esp now that i found out that the girl i like flirts with another bi :(

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I'm not out yet, I've known since 4th grade (when I started having girl crushes as well as guys).<br />
Only one person knows, and she's my girlfriend. We keep it under-wraps because we go to different school's. It's pretty painful that no one knows, and I completely understand how you feel.<br />
Someday, I'll maybe feel comfortable enough to tell my friends and family.<br />
I admire you for your bravery, and wish I could be bolder.<br />
Thanks for sharing!<br />

Every living thing is a perfect ex<x>pression of the infinite possibility that is the divne energy of life. You are the perfect you. No one else could ever be you as well as you can.<br />
The key to self acceptance is accepting yourself as is, strengths, flaws everything. Until you take that step, to make peace with even the character traits you don't like, you will not be able to effectively create the changes you wish to embody.<br />
Once you truly accept yourself with love and compassion, you will find it easier to turn your perceived flaws into positive traits. We are all works in progress. The more we change, the more we become who we've always been.<br />
Having accepted your self unconditionally, you'l find that people are far more likeky to accept you as well, and that when they don't, you will be able to far more easily bare their criticism and perhaps even use it as a catalyst to further improve yourself.<br />
Become the measure of yourself. You need only conform to your own image of who you wish to be.<br />
What are you waiting for? Isn't there a beautiful woman out there that's flirting with someone else? You can't expect her to flirt with you if she doesn't realize she has the option, now can you?<br />
Go get 'em, Tiger!

There is a way that seems right to man, but the end of that way is death.

The late pianist, Vladimir Horowitz was bi-sexual, and he said he couldn't imagine how boring life would be limited to just one sexual persuasion.