the Little Man's *****

I've told you about Gilbert the little man and making him dress as a woman.Gilbert was such a meek little guy I just couldn't resist forcing him to do things.I had told Gil he could only come over if he dressed like a girl and decided to get 2 other guys I knew over to abuse and use him.Gil did not know about the other guys and thought his secret was safe with me.He came to my door and I let him and surprise Gibert there's three of us and we are going to use your man *****.Gil's mascara ran a little as he cried and we lubed our ***** up ready for some hot *******.I pulled Gil's panties off and moved his skirt up on to his back.Fully loaded i rammed my **** into his ***.UUUUHHH he said.I rode Gil and one of the guys fingered my *** and the other stroked little Gilbert's ****.I had told my buddies Gil wasn't going to suck them at least the first round as I wanted him to understand he was a *****.I shot my hot ***** in Gil's man ***** and pulled out.The next guy was waiting and slipped right in Gil's spunked hole.He had a really nice **** and it rode in and out all shiny with my ***** all over it.Gilbert tried to reach for the other **** and I said none of that you are going to **** as long as these ***** need it.When the second **** was ready to shoot he pulled all the way back and gushed right at the entrance to the man *****.Hot **** was running out of Gil and **** number three was ready to **** him.Roll him on his back he said.We took Gil's dress off of him and put him on his back.Pushing his legs up **** number three ****** him like a woman.Gil's ***** was sticking up and my buddy jacked Gil while he ****** him.He erupted in Gil's *** and Gilbert shot his own load on his stomach.After we cleaned up I knew Gilbert still wanted to suck some **** so I had him fix his make-up and get dressed.I sat in a chair my **** twitching and beginning to get hard.Okay Gil blow me.He got on his knees on the floor and looked at me with those pleading eyes,he bowed his head and began to suck my ****.From that angle he really did look like a girl sucking me off.Gilbert knew how I liked to be sucked and he did a fine job.When I was ready he slid my **** all the way down his throat and I fed him my bone broth.Gil sucked off the other two guys and wanted to get sucked himself but I said no jack it for us man *****.With a disappointed look we put him on the bed and watched as Gilbert played with his ****.He came and milked himself dry.Nice going Gilbert you did good you can go now man *****. 
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2 Responses Oct 10, 2006

Loved your story . It usually takes me a while 2 get hard , but half through your story I was hard as a ROCK !!! Thanks

Boy - I am jealous of Gil, that lucky lil gal.