Yes Or No - I Don't Know

For some long time I have recognized I get aroused by male bi-sexual ****, especially when it occurs as part of submission to a strong Fem-Dom. But it has never crossed over into my real life... until recently

Very shortly after I t The Woman Who Is In Charge Of My Life (but not my sex life) I did think there was a possibility she COULD be in charge of my sex life. She very quickly learned of my cross-dressing and was OK with it. She had engaged in some light BDSM with her girl friends for my camera and then with me, also for the camera. And again, on my birthday, light BDSM. But, to stay on track. one day we went to a large outlet warehouse store. She found the bras and panties, the panties of which are my current avatar. I had to paw through the bin to find sizes that would fit me then take them to the register. The bra is probably a slightly bigger than my size cup but the padding is still good and stiff enough that it holds its shape even without me filling it. The band is really tight and when I wear this set I am constantly reminded that I am a male wearing a bra..

So, the next day or so, I wear the bra and panties, under a cami and ¿French cut? neck line top. You could see the spaghetti straps of the cami. So we go to this diner to have lunch. The place is crowded. She gets on the phone to call one of her girl friends and tells her, in a loud voice, how good my **** look and how she would like to take me to a gay bar, and lead me, wearing only my panties and bra, with leash and collar to some guy to have me suck his ****.

That scenario played in my mind for a long time until I finally decided that was just one of her grandiose plans. But until I made that decision - I was wondering could I?, would I? I knew I certainly did NOT like the idea of going up to a stranger at a gay bar for my first ingestion of another man's ***. The letters AIDS kept flashing before my eyes. But still I wondered. What if she knew somebody that was known AIDS-free? What if she acted like a sexually dominant woman toward me? I don't know - but I still thought and wondered.

Then I recently met a woman on EP that told me to keep a logbook, part of the title of which was "***** I have sucked"  even though I don't have any ***** I have sucked. But I had opened myself up to her about the subject.

Then the great event: serveMistreessP and I became friends and She accepted my gift of submission to Her. Of course I have followed as much as I have been able, all Her stories and comments here on EP.  Several days ago She asked imp79: " What would be your ideal way to spend a night being played with in the dungeon of a M/F Couple who are both bi and extremely sexual with their subs?" Something like the story in Now, MistressP has not asked me that question and I do not know what I would answer - right now, I do not know. But I realize such a question would not be out of the realm of possibility. Wow, what am I?

I guess. I have never been interested in caning, I think bare handed spanking is my ideal. However, I just read Her response in a caning forum wherein She describes why a caning should be bare bottom. My reaction: Yes Mistress, my *** awaits. If that happens - what else?
MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
70+, M
Jul 9, 2010