Why Am I Bi? One Guy's Story...

I've often wondered how I became bisexual. First off, I need to define where I am at today... I love women, but every once in awhile I enjoy getting off with another guy. I have zero interest in kissing, hugging, or anal activity (ouch!). What I enjoy is stroking another hard ****, sucking, and making it ***. I love the sight of a **** shooting its load. And, for some reason, I enjoy the sensation of another guy's *** on my ****. Is that strange or what?

Mutual ************ turns me on so much, as does rubbing ***** together. Something about that is tremendously erotic!

So.... every once in awhile I post an ad on craigslist, and though I usually get many responses, I wait to find someone that seems in tune with me. Intelligence, chemistry, same desires, clean, and all that. Have had several good experiences.

My ultimate fantasy is sharing a guy with a woman. Having both of our mouths on his ****, stroking him off until he **** on her ****... which then I lick up. Gotta be pretty turned on to do that, but the idea is tremendously exciting!
jayhavinfun jayhavinfun
51-55, M
Jul 9, 2010