I Find My Co Worker Attractive.

weve hung out resently and i realized i wanted to kiss her, weird huh? to think of going down and dirty >.< thats another story entirely!! i find it REPULSIVE and SCARY for me. i could never wish to please a woman THAT way, but i really did want to kiss her, but i was drunk so it may just mean i think shes pretty and has soft looking lips.
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4 Responses Jul 14, 2010

i want to be forced to dress like a *****<br />
and ****** like a ****

If its just a kiss that you want, that wouldnt be too hard to get. You would be surprised how many girls want to see how it feels to kiss another girl, just to try it out. I remember talking with a group of coworkers, and one admitted that she would want to kiss a girl just for fun, and she was a married woman with two kids. I said I thought it would be fun too and she joked "okay, lets go." we didnt but we got a good laugh, anyway. Maybe sometime you should slip it in conversation and see how she reacts. The only problem is you might develop deeper feelings for her after kissing her, so be sure you know how you feel regarding her and your sexual orientation, and decide whether or not you should make a move.

girl, ur only drunk...better compose urself first and look at her once again...now,does her lips still kissable?

does she feel the same?