Oh God - She Says I Will Service Another Man With My Mouth And Hand; I Am So Blushing

I am blushing. MistressP caught me being a dunderhead for not realizing that I need to use my mouth on another man's ****. I am also blushing because I have never been intimate with another man in any way - even though I find reading **** describing men in my predicament very arousing.

My Mistress has posted several comments to a little story I wrote in I Like CFnm  http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e=1090219  about what if there were both clothed females and males while the subject (of course, I was really thinking: me) was the only naked person there. She would have a sign on me inviting one and all to fondle and grope me. As I said above I have never been intimate with another man in any way. In my life time I have been offered blow-jobs by male strangers but never a friend so I don't know what i would have done in that situation, but the strangers I could turn down. And I have never been in a situation where I had so submitted to another that I would do WHATEVER She wanted. So now in Her comment I am being fondled and groped by females (I hope) and males.

Then in the comment string fuzzbopp comes along and talks of humiliating me but defers to the ministrations of MistressP. MistressP comes back with "please feel free to indulge yourself. I'd love to watch you tease and embarrass SP ". Can you imagine how that made me feel? A plethora of different feelings, to be sure. First my being teased and embarrassed would be loved by my Mistress. I would be pleasing Her by suffering these emotions. But still, I have never been intimate with another man, not even touched. It would have an effect on me. "I'm not gay, am I?" It would be embarrassing and humiliating  to let another man touch me like that without so much as a complaint.

But fuzzbopp is still reticent but then, seeing, perhaps, that I am pleased at being used by my Mistress for Her amusement and pleasure, he becomes more active. He describes how he will, in a room full of strangers, jack me to an explosion. I make some non-committal remarks to which fuzzbopp gets more into it, more explicit about making me *** against my will.

To which I make the dunderheaded remark about maybe while in my own post-orgasmic bliss I would be watching him get treated like that and it would wake me up. Oh boy - I'm in for it now. My Mistress tells fuzzbopp "The only thing more enjoyable than watching a man ********** for Me is watching two men together, especially when one or both are doing it primarily to please Me. Thank you for painting such a sexually charged picture for Me to savor. Consider My invitation to make use of SP here -- or on the odd chance we all end up in the same place at the same time -- a standing one. ." Oh God, She says he can use me at any time. To really be true to myself I NEED to please Her, therefore I would have to submit to His using me.

And to me She says " *ahem* you've missed the point, My ****, you would not be watching fuzzbopp, you would be doing fuzzbopp. I'm certain that a few strategically placed clamps and clothespins would wake you up from your post-****** haze sufficiently enough to perform the task at hand and mouth..." There it is, out in plain sight for all to see - I will have to use my hand and mouth on him to please Her. I am sure She is not talking of a little kiss on the tip of his **** but rather something like all of it in my mouth. And I have never been intimate in any way with another man. In this scenario I have been allowed to ***. I am sure no less would be allowed to fuzzbopp. Oh ****. I bet She would want him to *** in my mouth and Oh God, for me to swallow it.

And I have never ever been intimate with another man in any way before in my entire life. But I must to please my MistressP. I love Her.
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No, I am sorry to say, MistressP

your desire to please is what makes you so special, slave.<br />
<br />
Have you made Me proud and properly thanked fuzzbopp for His attention yet?