...so What?

The way I see it, being equally attracted to both men and women effectively doubles my chances of finding Mr. or Ms. Right.  Having said that, my sexual orientation is only one tiny piece of who and what I am.  I do not walk up to people and say "Hi, I'm Moss and I'm bi."  That's just illogical. 

I suppose my attitude may confuse some; a few people were baffled when first I was introducing a girlfriend, then (after breaking up with her) began talking about a boyfriend.  Frankly I don't much care if I confuse other people.  I'm content and comfortable with my sexuality, and it's not anybody else's business.
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

I totally agree. I am equally attracted to both sexes & someday hope to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. I know it's no one's business, but sometimes I come out to people (either as trans or bi or both) just so they know that people like me exist.

Amen! Love's complicated enough without taking other people's judgment into account. I try to be as you say you are, past caring about the reaction, but it still affects me a bit. <br />
Only good can come of your being self-aware and confident enough to accept this part of yourself and simultaneously refuse to allow it to define you totally.

Well if that's how you feel about it then more power to ya! : ]