What Is This I'm Feeling That I Just Can't Explain.

I am so much into girls and I find them very attractive.
There's a girl that I like and I really want to hold her hands or be with her in bed.
And I know she likes me too
but why is it when I almost there,
we almost, you know..
I had this feeling that I can't explain,
something like refusing or rejecting her.
But after a few days I like her again and want to win her a whole.
It's often happens.
But I reject her already and hurt her ego.
Why then?
I just don't understand why I was like that all the time.

HelleinaEve HelleinaEve
2 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Thank you Spiritlover.:)

I think your right. I'm not ready to accept the consequences that may have result for my actions.<br />
But I know myself I'm bisexual.<br />
Anyway..<br />
Thanks for the comment!.<br />
you make it clear to me.<br />
I know exactly what you mean, and you are right about it.<br />
I really appreciate it. :)