Young Friends

When I was 13 years old, I had a good friend named Tim. Tim was an average guy, red hair, kind of long, freckles, and although he was a nice looking guy, he had no lucky with the females. Guys use to give him a hard time as well, giving him a hard time because he had so many freckles, and just being nasty to him. I felt sorry for him, so I started to talk to him and after a while he and I became good friends.

After many months of hanging out during and after school, chasing girls, getting into trouble, etc., Tim invited me to stay over his house one night, which I accepted. I got there around 4:00 in the afternoon and we proceeded to do the things typical kids our age did, shot some B-Ball, listen to music, etc. A bit later that night after his parents and sister went to bed Tim and I went to the basement to watch some TV and just screw off. Tim's bedroom was in the basement, along with his mothers sewing room, a bathroom, and a small TV area. I laid ona couch and started to watch the tube while Tim was changing his clothes. After he was done, and came out of his room, wearing only a pair of tight gym shorts he sat next to me on the couch I was laying on. A few minutes went by, we watched TV, when something I never expected happened, Tim grabbed my penis....I was shocked at first but didn't really do anything to pull away. He continued to hold me in his hand, softly massaging me until I was as hard as a rock. He asked how I liked it, I said it was okay I guess, he kept playing with me. He asked if I had ever had sex to which I told him that I'd messed around with a few girls but never had intercourse as of that time. We made some small talk while he continued to stroke me hard penis, he asked if I really liked girls a lot, yes I answered. Had I ever messed around with a boy, no I answered. Would you like too? I said I'm not sure, maybe. I told him Tim that what he was doing felt really good, and that I was starting to enjoy it a little more. After a while, I reached over and grabbed him, it was the first time I ever held another guys ****, and Tim was hard before I ever haqd it in my hand.

After severl minutes of mutually playing with each other, Tim asked if he could give me head, I said sure. He proceeded to go down on me, it felt so incredible, it was my first *******, and I ejactulated within seconds, and Tim swallowed it all. After that I felt a bit ashamed and kind of withdrew to myself for a while. I just about an hour had passed, with me thinking about what had just happened and before I knew it, I was horny and wanted to try returning the favor to my friend. I told him, I want to suck him and he didn't hesitate to offer himself up. I strated to lick around his head and slowly took it into my mouth...I had no idea what I was doing, or how to do it. And I really didn't enjoy it much but I was so turned on that I needed something to release me again. I know Tim needed to be released as well. We talked, he had an idea and I agreed to it. Tim went into him mothers room and returned with some hand lotion. He instructed me to get on my hands and knees and to spread my legs, which I did. Tim took the hand lotion and shot some in my butt crack and started to rub it around. Next he shot some in his hand and started to rub it all over his ****. Next he started to gently run his fingers over my *******, pressing gently at first then, slowly and tenderly inserting a finger in me. His we very tender, while his finger was in me, he was rubbing the small of my back with his other hand and he kept making sure he wasn't hurting me. After several minutes of Tim fingering my ***, he pulled it out and replaced it with his ****. Again, he was very soft and tender, working in and out of me very slowly until I was ready for more. It didn't take him too long and he was ******* inside my ***. I could not believe how incredible that felt.....I was so damned surprise by what had happened, but I was glad that it did. We didn't get much sleep that night, we continued to hold each other, kiss each other, and stroke each other....

That was the first night of many Tim and I made love to each other. I eventually got over my shame of what we were doing, and really let lose with Tim. I was always the bottom in our relationship, Tim said i was too big for him to handle (which isn't true becuase I'm only 6-1/2"), but I didn't care, I love having he inside me. I finally got over not liking to give him head as well. When ever we got together I want to blow him and have him *** in my mouth, I was addicted to Tim and his ****.

We continued to have hot, passionate sex for about another 10 years, until we both got married. To this day Tim is the only guy I've ever been with. We've had "encounters" a couple of times over the years when we visited each others family and Tim and I had a chance to sneak off together. To this day I swear he is the best lover I've ever had, and I've had several. I'm hoping to find one close by that can live up to the very high standard Tim has set. A guy that I can be with a litlle more than every couple of years. But to Tim, thanks!
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Man I could use a friend like that! It sound like he care enough to be tender and break you in. Some guys would have been more rough!

Would love to have a good friend of mine **** my *** and *** in me as your friend did you. That had to be a great feeling and to repeat that over the years help to relive that experience, great story.

Very hot....very hot....