With No One Around

With no one around, I would love to kiss your lips right now. I realize you will be taken back at first and won't respond, but will then soon realise what is going on and kiss back. I push you up against the dinning room table letting you gently lean back some. I part my lips and you accept the invitation, exploring my mouth with your tongue. I repay the compliment, and our hands are everywhere. I am drowning in your kiss,  melting under your touch, pouring myself into you. I love the way you kiss me deeply and with so much passion. You have me weak in the knees and and a loss for breath.

I drop my head and start to run my lips across your neck. I lean you further back and expose more of your throat. My tongue is tracing the contours of your shoulders and lower neck now. I stop to place a kiss on your jugular notch, before kissing my way down to the valley between your breasts. I feel your nipples harden as a reflex to my warm breath on your chest. My mouth travels all around your right breast and teases your nipple gently in my mouth. You let out almost what sounds like growl as you feel the moisture from my mouth encapsulate your breast  and you find yourself clutching the back of my head, not letting me escape.

And yet I do manage to escape your clutch and make my way down your stomach, carressing your navel with my delicious lips. You can feel yourself getting wet in anticipation as I edge further downwards. You can feel my fingertips ever so lightly on your inner thigh. You shudder under my touch; it's as if I have control over you with the slightest movement. You begin to part your legs and you feel the direct pressure of my hand on your *****.  That is when you realise how much you have opened yourself to me.

I wait for no invitation and thrust my fingers deep into your soaked slit. Your entire body spasms as  you feel me enter you. I quicky settle into a rhythm of pumping my hand in and out of your *****. You struggle to keep control already as I am flexing my fingers inside you, exerting exquisite pressure on the walls which tighten on an effort to keep me in. Your **** is hard and ready to explode, and you can feel the beginnings of a huge climax welling up from within. You begin slamming my fingers down deeper as if you want to swallow me. I can tell you are about to *** and I increase the pace. I am grateful to hear you moan with excitement and labored breath as you cry out with delight.
PenelopeTaylor PenelopeTaylor
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that is really hott!!!!

You are very good with words!