Does Anyone Need To Know?

i have known since i was about12 maybe younger, i did know what it was called
but i rember when i was 13 sitting in class thinking about spending a year as a lesbian
after i had finished school, moved out of home ect.
the idea always interested me, but now im 18 have had sexual experiances with females
as well as males, an im thinking i enjoy females, but cant see myself in a long term
realtionship with one, i always saw my self with a male at the end of the day, but i
guess you never know who you'll end up with, i dont think ill ever tell anyone in my
family, just my close friends, i dont think my family needs to know mainly because
my mother is very closed mined on the topic and it would make my life easier her
not knowing, but is it wrong to not tell your family who you are?
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4 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Does anyone really need to know..No...well, I guess the women or men you may be attracted to, but it is really isn't important to anyone else..Doesn't change who you tell who you want, and let the rest figure it out on their own.

Some things are just nobody's business. And not just sexual things. Remember the old song? Mind your own business and ya won't be mindin' mine!

wow thats and amazing comment :) mm i wasnt asking so much as wondering, it something ive always though as interesting bc if your straight people know and if you gay you tell people, but bi people can spend their whole lives lying to friends and family about a big part of who thy are idk i just find it interesting :)

I think people are more accepting of the fact that someone is gay than that they are bi. It's like they if can't categorize you as one thing or the other, it makes their heads explode. I'd recommend not making any announcements. When the right person comes along, then you can make way or the other.<br />
I think of bisexuality as similar to eating food. Some people are carnivores. Some are herbivores. And some are omnivores. It's fun to eat everything ;-) And as the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz said.... "some people like to go both ways". =)