Two Lovers

I'd like to preface this by saying that you should read my story "Long Story" in this same group...I was always bisexual but I married a woman that I worshiped and...well...things changed. The life I now lead is not really the one I want to lead, but it's the life I'm left with. Read the story to know what I'm talking about....

With that said, I now have 2 male lovers....both very different. I met the first one through my business...he was a customer/client and we little by little became lovers. He's married to a woman that totally ignores his needs sexually and otherwise. He's a real alpha male type who, if you met him, would never guess in a million years that he was bi. We had a professional relationship at first, but one night after a business deal we decided to go get drinks at a local bar. The alcohol loosened up the conversation and we discovered that in some ways we were in the same boat in our marriages. He made a move, and I didn't resist. With him, I am very much the submissive one...the bottom. He loves that i wear sexy panties for him and that my *** is always willing to take his ****. It's really funny....I actually am more hung than him, but he has this need to prove his manhood that i find rather cute and since he's a good soul and he makes me laugh I let him prove it on me. He's very aggressive and always initiates our relations....I play the shy submissive with him and our lovemaking is spectacular. He's cute in a way that I imagine many girls see their man....Sort of full of **** but with a good heart.

The other lover I have...well, that's more intense....He's 20 years my junior. I met him through a CL ad, but it was NOT your typical CL ad. This guy is intelligent, but shy and insecure. His **** is on the smaller side but I'm no size queen. He and I are far more intimate with each other than my other lover. There's more kissing, hugging, cuddling, etc.....The sex is more emotional and all inclusive. He tops me and I top him. And he's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! And he's loving and caring and I can talk with him about almost anything. He is, like me, not gay but bisexual. He's not decided which way he wants to go. I try to be sort of a mentor to him and hope he finds someone, male or female, that is a soulmate to him because he deserves a soulmate. I sometimes wonder if I am that to's hard to say. He still has so much life to may take him a few years to know what he really wants. But I do love him, though just how I cannot say at this point. I want him to be happy, whether it involves me or not.

So THERE! Though my preference would be to have my marriage go back to what it once was, that's looking like it'll never happen. So in the meantime I'm being the guy both these guys need right now...I'm a giving person....Maybe I need to find someone to give to me ultimately, but for now I'm hanging onto my 2 lovers.
biboi biboi
41-45, M
Jul 28, 2010