Im Married And Want A Girl Friend On The Side...any Takers?

im 21 and married to a soldier...and im looking for a gf on the side.. i want her to be my lover and friend. my husband does not mind as long as he can watch sometimes or maybe even video tape. but i have only been with one other girl and i want to expierence it more. my first time was amazing and i want more amazing moments
rosieposie123 rosieposie123
4 Responses Aug 2, 2010

I wish my wife would do that!

would you mind joining me and my hubby or are you just looking for a gf?

You should send me a message sometime, you are beautiful..

I am in the same position - hubby would be happy to allow me explore my extreme bi curiousity but unlike you I've never been there. Would love to try though.<br />
BTW, I think you're hot - I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding any takers. Would offer myself if I didn't live at the bottom of the world! <br />
Good luck. Let me know how you get on.