A Girl On My Dream

i am with a cOmplicated situatiOn and  happy being inlove with a guy. but i wondered why i love to fantasize how to make love with a girl, a girl who is enough  for me to complete what i want in my life. a girl who can live with me. , a girl who can accep me as i am,a girl who can be mine only.weird fantasy!!! i love girls alot,and im still loOking!!! i licked  ***** with 2 girls long time agO,IT WAS AN ACCIDENT,A DRUNK  girls teased me and was sO great!
36-40, F
4 Responses Aug 4, 2010

that is not a complication... try a woman when not drunk (well not very drunk at least)...<br />
pure happiness beauty and bliss.. one thing though...its also addictive..trust me i know...<br />

Bi is beautiful.

yeah babe!!!

I love it when a girl will tease me, as long as she gives in and let's me have it..