I've still got one year of high school on me, so I'm not sure if now if the best time to come out. I know my friends and parents would be accepting of it, but I fear I'll be ostracized or treated differently. I'm planning on art college though, where I know they'll be fine with it, and I think I'll come out sometime after I'll get in. It'd be easier to mess around with people the same gender as me if I'm out, right? ;D

I've known I was bisexual since early middle school, and I'm wondering how many others there are. It's supposed to be one in ten, right? I've got over 200 friends on facebook, but I only know of two who aren't completely straight. There should be at least 18 others. Where are they?
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From what I see it's more like 1 in 10 who will admit to some same-gender interest and I suspect that if we were all raised without social constraints and taboos on the subect the ratio would be far different. Then there's the terminology itself. As I recall reading, more women call themselves totally straight than men but also more women than men reported being curious about some aspect of same-gender sexual activity and more women reported actually having experienced same-gender sex more than once. I only remember that because it was so contradictory. IMO, people are just scared, even in supposedly anonymous surveys. Scared to admit what they've fantacized about, scared to admit what they'd like to try, scared to admit what they've done, scared of being self-labeled with a tag they've grown to believe is bad. Hense the hesitation to "come out" as bi. I don't believe "everyone is bi" but I'm more certain than ever that a majority have the capacity to enjoy same-gender sex under the right conditions.

Gosh i feel the same way. i only have a lil more of high school than off to college. But i feel like no one is bi. kinda walking alone in a crowd, but i finally told one of my close girl friends and she accepted me for it. so maybe when you find the right person and open up to them, it'll be some what easier. good luck:)