Still Getting Used To The Idea

I'm still getting used to the fact I'm bi.
I keep telling myself it's ok.
My greatest and only fear is that my grandparents could find out, cuz i left my journal at their house.
When i returned to get it I found it exactly as I left it. They are southern fundamentalist baptists. So if they knew they would make my life living hell.
They talk bad about gay people a good bit. My least favorite people are those who mess with gay people. In their minds being bi is worse.
They know I have bi friends who I love with every fiber of my being. What to do? How can I hide it cuz I think they're suspicious!
I wear alot of nice clothes and men's jewelry. I also have long hair. Gram once said "When are you going to stop wearing so much jewelry?" I wish they were able to understand. I have a best friend who is also bi (he's been bi longer) he gives me advice. I'm so grateful for him
Wilnara Wilnara
18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Your best bet is to give yourself time. Time to figure out who you are as a person. Your still young and you have plenty of learning left to do before you really know who you are. Find people that you can talk to openly, find both men and women that you can be friends with and also find men and women that you would like to date. Do not get shoved into a relationship just because you think it is what you should do. Take your time and get to know yourself. I can guarantee you by your 25th birthday you will be a different person then you are right now. You don't have to come out to any of your family at this time, but if they do ask you then you just tell them that at this time you are not able to give them an answer. Don't worry about any fallout that may happen. Because even if there is fallout at the moment, in time they will come to understand and accept who you are as a person more than just your sexual preferences. Some people just can't move past it though because they are so insecure in themselves. Take your time and learn to love who you are first then worry about others. I wish you the best of luck and hope all is well for you in the future.

perhaps a bit but yes i have close female friends i dated a few girls in the past 3 years