Why Bi

My first bi experience was a result of my wife setting it up.I had had bi thoughts but never had acted on them.My first dozen or so bi scenes were all done with a woman there.Now I am not attracted to men but I am attracted to dicks.My first one on one experience with a man was another learning experience.I found that it did not matter if a woman was with us or not I liked playing with another guys ****.One of the best man on man experiences I had was with a guy just like myself who was married and was bi.Neither one of us wanted anymore but to suck a ****.We put on a hot gay movie,stroked each other and began a 69. I shot my load and we stopped for a while watched the movie some more then I finished blowing him.We sat around naked watching guys sucking and ******* each other.After a while my **** began to swell and my partner reached for it and was jacking me.I watched his **** grow and that is a beautiful sight.I went back down on him feeling his **** swell in my mouth.We moved back into a 69 and sucked each other off.We dressed and I left with a happy smile and a well sucked ****.I had learned that repressing sexual desires was causing me to miss out on a lot of pleasure and causing anxiety by not acting on my urges.I intend to remain happily bi.  
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3 Responses Oct 13, 2006

i really liked that story. I, too, am attracted to ***** but not guys. I dont want to kiss a guy but i desperatly want a warm swell in my mouth. I have never done it but have fantasized about it for years. I don't even know where to find someone to experiment with since I live in a small town.

Good story im not attracted to guys either just ****

I like that story.