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My First Bisexual Experience

I was camping with A friend Jason. He was tall for his age and vary athletic. he had blond hair and green eyes. Jim, who had brown hair and brown eyes and the same height as me, was hanging out with us but was not aloud to stay. We were camping at a small site that Jasons dad had cleared next to a pond. Jason said that now that he was almost fifteen his dad was not coming with us. After we set up camp Jim looked at Jason and said happy B-day and pulled out some **** magazines and some beer that his brother gave him. A few beers later  we were looking at one of  the magazines and saw a girl giving a *******. Jim said I wonder what that fells like. me to I said but I also wonder what it fells like to have a twelve inch ****. After we stoped laughing Jason side that he had a ten inch. Jim and I both said bull **** at the same time. Jason just smilled. An hour later Jim left and Jason and I put out the fire and got in the tent. We were drinking more beer and looking at the magazines. Jason started to read one of the stores out loud. I was on my back looking at the stars through the window in the top of the tent, listening to him read.  with out realizing It I was stroking my **** as he was reading. Jason stoped reading and said I see that you are in to this story as much as i am. I looked over and it was clear that from the tent that he was pitching in his sleeping bag that he was not lieing about having a big ****. Jason said... well there is no uses hiding it now. he pulled off his sleeping bag to reveal a long hard ****. he went back to reading the magazine which he held with one hand as he stroked his **** with the other. I pulled off my sleeping bag and started to do the same.  When the storey was over Jason put down the magazine looked at me and said  well what do you think? He rolled over and started to kiss me. We got to our knees kissing and grab each others throbbing dicks, stroking them feverishly. We started to rub our dicks together and playing with each others balls. I was glad to see that I had just as much girth as he did but he had me by at lest two or three inchs in length. We continued to kiss and pant as we groped one another. We moved in to a 69. I was sucking his balls (whitch were also big) as I jacked him off. He was doing the same to me. After I gained up enough never I worked my way up his long shaft kissing and licking him. I ran my tongue to the top of his ****. I took his long **** in my mouth. He arched his back and let out a low sustaining moan of approval. He shoved his hips forward and I started to gag as his **** slid down my throat. It took Jason longer to put my **** in his mouth, but when he did my enter boddy tingled, and both our dicks swelled even more. Jason, gasping for breath siad I'm close, I moaned and said me to. between licking and sucking. He asked me ware do you want to cume? In your throat I said. Are you going to do the same he asked. Yes I said. My hart was racing and my boddy went regid as he shoved my **** down his throat. My head flew back and I called out "O god" as my cume shot down his throut. He gaged and pulled back some but my **** never left his mouth. he continued sucking and never missed a droop. I pushed Jason on to his back and rolled on top of him. Each of his hands were on the back side of my legs. He had a strong grip ( which was common for farm boys ) He started licking and sucking my balls. As I put my lips around his ****  Jason let out a loud moan and said I'm going to...... but be for he could finish the words his cume shot to the back of my mouth. I could fell his **** pulsating. I took a deep breath and took as much of his **** as i could down my throat. I continued sucking until he was completely lipm. His **** was still impassive looking.  I got off and laid down next to him. Jason was smiling when he looked at me. Is that what you though it would fell like he asked. No I said still panting. we started laughing. then we got up and went swimming in the pond to cool off.

thedreamer thedreamer 26-30, M 94 Responses Oct 19, 2006

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Add a response...Years ago when I was 15, I frequently had sleep overs at a friends house, his father had an amazing **** mag collection.<br />
We used to look at the magazines together, we would get hard ons and joke about how hard the girls got us by the lumps in our trousers. Then one evening David pulled down his track suit bottoms and up sprung his hard penis, he started to stroke it while looking at the pictures. So I thought ' why not' and pulled down my trousers too and we both kneeled there ************ until we came.<br />
From then on, it became a regular occurrence, we never touched each other, but I did get a thrill out of ************ in front of him and seeing him do the same, and watching him ***, spurting into the cup we'd both do it into (for ease of disposal) was very exciting.<br />
One day we were on our knees ************ away as usual when his mother walked into his room with some clothes to put away, she didn't say a word, walked past us, placed his clothes on his bed and as she walked out she just smiled and said 'you boys OK?'.<br />
She walked in on us a fair few times over the next year or so. <br />
The whole experience was good and at no time did we ever feel like touching each other.

Learn to spell

Very hot. I love having a hard **** in my mouth.

This was a very interesting story :)- but all of the spelling mistakes took away from the reading experience.

Very hot experience!

very nice story ... turns me on

Great story! I wish I had those kinds of experiences in my younger days. I didn't have a man in my mouth till I was 36. Thank you for sharing!

You can read about it, I just posted my story

Very interesting story a..n..d... this reminded me of my school/college days...! Thank u dear...!

Ive been pretty bold lately with a couple of my friends ive got hand jobs and given some with guys that i would never suspect to be even a hint of bi in them and it was so hot

wow what a hot story

Nice story!! Your first time sounds better than mine. Take care!

happened to me two, agh the ole tent! Love those mem,ories

Awesome and lucky guy

Great story, thanks!

Great story!! be young and curious. I've done it too...but your experience sounds better!

One time I was ****** while getting head AND taking a hit of coke. Girl was giving me the head. Nothing has been better since.

Haha oh hit the peak of existence too early! Are you doomed to walk about with nothing more exciting to look forward to? Bummer

My dream is having sex with a married man while his wife sucks my **** and fingers my ***,i want to **** his ***.

a very nice bisexual dating site for you, , welcome to join us

Wow!!! Now I have to get up and get the baby oil to help me with mine...

Love the story

hot story!


mmmmmm made me crave some nice **** to play with

That's a great story. I always dremed it would happen that way to me as a kid, but it didn't.

HOT! Would love to have been there.

Hot night for you both. I love how you both eased into it and went for it. great night.

So hot man, thank you for sharing.

I would rate up your story but it has the perfect rating already.

mmm Hot story! did you all get together after that?


That was a hot story and I love sucking **** and would love to have a huge **** in my ***

This story made me think that sex and love between males is a beautiful thing. This got me hungry for the same. Got me excited.

Nice xxx

U made me remember my school & college days...! Me and my close friends always celebrated events like birthdays and good exam results like this...! We used to grab every opportunity to have gay sex when one or other friend's parents were not at home. That was always a ONE POINT AGENDA for all of us...! We also had it in group...! Those days and moments are UNFORGETTABLE...!!! Thanx for reminding me those SWEET DAYS...!!!

Very nice...

I had just bought a dress for my wardrobe, and had met a nice gentleman at a local bar.

We started talking, and he invited me to his home. He asked if I liked watching ****. I said yes, and after a few minutes, we were feeling on each other.

I asked if he would mind if I changed... He said please, be my guest...

I changed into I full length slip, and a wonderful blue long sleeve, full length dress.

I found out that night how wonderful things could feel.

Been enjoying, craving, and dreaming of more encounters like that.

Did this really happen bro? Ha it sounds like a gay teen **** movie haha

That sounds incredibly exciting!

******* hot story, made he hard ! Wish I was there is designed just for bisexual and bi-curious individuals. Here you can find sexy and open-minded singles and couples looking to explore their sexuality, chat, hook up with, etc. We also offer many features to facilitate people looking for anything from lovers to intimate relationships. is designed just for bisexual and bi-curious individuals. Here you can find sexy and open-minded singles and couples looking to explore their sexuality, chat, hook up with, etc. We also offer many features to facilitate people looking for anything from lovers to intimate relationships.

great experience, great story. Had to play with my **** while reading. I tasted my precum quite a bit. Wish I could taste yours.Sounds like you got a nice ****.

mmm very hot!! matter what,I'm granite hard by the time each of the 2 notice the other is getting turned on!!!!(mostly cause I know the story by heart and that its jus perfectly told by daydreamer thx 4 sharing it!

Damn, this story reminded me of my high school friend, Larry. He and I were hot ******* boy lovers all through H.S. we made out, French kissed, and sucked each other off every chance we got. We often camped out, usually by ourselves, but sometimes with a couple of other guys that we knew were into sex with boys. We all loved sucking ****. Once, Larry and I had a double date with sisters. He had scored some pot and I sneaked some wine out of the house. These sisters were very sexy and loved to get nasty. We went to our favorite camping spot and toked up. One of the sisters wanted to play truth or dare. So we played for a while and then she dared Larry to make out with me. Well hell, he didn't even hesitate but started kissing me and stroking my ****. We ended up sucking each other off in front of the girls and they ate each other out for us.

Sounds like you had a great time. x

great story. i need to cool off as well.

My first experience happened when I was just 14 years old. I was a paperboy in my home town. For those of you who don’t know what that is, I delivered the evening newspaper door to door on a given route.<br />
It was sometime in late May of 1962 and a Saturday afternoon, while collecting for the deliveries I had made for the prior week. As it turned out, this was the last house on my route. <br />
Normally the lady of the house paid me but this week her husband answered the door and after telling him I was collecting for the news paper, he invited me inside, while he found his checkbook. As he wrote the check out, he asked me my name, my age and if I had had sex yet. I guess I blushed when I told him, “No”. Then he invited me to the ba<x>sement to watch a movie he made.<br />
As it turned out, the movie was of him and his wife having sex in their bedroom. Looking back, I realize now that she knew that he was filming what they were doing, because he kept getting out of bed and adjusting the camera.<br />
A few minutes into the movie, he took out his manhood and began playing with it and told me I could do the same, if I wanted to. His wife was one of those women who could have been a centerfold in the best Men’s Magazine.<br />
When the movie got to the part where she was giving him head, he asked me if I had ever enjoyed someone doing that to me, again I said, “No”. And a moment later, I felt him pushing my hand away from my **** and his lips began sucking on me. Before I said anything, he reached for my hand and placed it on his large ****. Both his mouth and **** felt good and I began to enjoy what was happening.<br />
A few minutes later, when in the movie, he had his wife on her knees and getting ready to take her from behind; he stopped the movie and rewound it to the beginning where she was giving him head. As he sat down and without a word, I leaned over and began sucking his ****, like he had done with mine.<br />
I quickly realized that giving head felt just as good as getting head; also the taste of his **** was something I quickly began to enjoy. Before the movie got to the end of the part where his wife was giving him head, he announced that he was about to *** and a second later, I was swallowing his thick, heavy load, (my first of many, as it turned out).<br />
After he finished and removed his spent **** from my mouth, he thanked me for doing a wonderful job and we both went back to watching the movie. The next thing I saw was him sliding his **** into his wife’s *** and he asked me if I’d like to do the same thing to him, I said I’d like to give it a try, but I also said that his **** was way too big to put in my butt.<br />
For the next 2 months, when I collected for the paper, on Saturdays, he greeted me at the door and we went straight to the ba<x>sement, after he finished writing me a check. After that first encounter and video, all the other videos he showed me were of two or more men having sex.<br />
Although I had anal sex with him, almost every week, he never asked me to give him my butt. He seemed grateful to fill my mouth and I looked forward to those Saturday collections. <br />
As all good things in my life went, so did meeting him. In late September of that year his wife answered the door and while writing me the check, she told me that her husband had left her for another man and that she was moving and was canceling the paper.

Hot story!made me rock hard,oozin pre-***,n throbbin!i was always a popular with the girls guy,but was also very open minded,horny n would do things that my friends wouldnt,from a very young age,still to this day!i love women,they will always turn me on!but after a friend caught me offguard(kindahehe)when me,him,n a girl were partying,snuk up and wrapped his hand around my ****,(i had been flashing/teasing him)as me n him had gotten naked,i was kinda shocked,n was almost protesting his just rush up & feel my ****,but in that same instant,enjoyed the feelinpg of being desired,and the taboo part of it!NEVER did i ever think he would try to do what he did moments after getting his hand around my ****,which got extremely hard in a stroke upndown of his hand!just that fast he lowered his head and got his lips around the head of my ****,i tried to stop him,i barely whispered "uh-no...dont su..."!thats when my legs flew wide apart,and my moans were very loud!i couldnt believe how awesome it felt!he licked my balls,then quickly tongued down my scrotum n rimmed my quivering hole,then tongued inside my ***!i actually turned upside down in the easy chair as he spun my world!i had a girlfriend who was all the hottest sex i could want,loved her more than life itself(19yrsyounger than me),could eat her hot smooth ***** for 3-5hours never get tired of eatin her,but after that night "he"sucked my ****,swallowed my ***,i found myself going to his house 2-3times a week,he only liked sucking ****,i never touched him,but from that point on,i have enjoyed my uninhibited bisexuallity!your story makes me want to suck a **** so bad that i have to jack off right now!thnx

Great story about guys enjoying and exploring their bodies with no inhibition. Hope you still enjoy that same view in adult life.

very hot story

Nice story. I too, used to have a high school suck buddy. We loved to go camping just so we could suck each others ****. I haven't sucked a **** in 40 years but I sure would like too.

But would you feel ready to swallow the *********? What do you like the most...feeling the **** in your mouth, tasting the ***, or the pulse shuddering spasm and the *** in your mouth? Is it the "oral pleasure" you give someone? It's such a mixed bag of feelings.

Wow, I liked it all. I loved to wrap my fingers around a hard ****. And I love the syrupy slickness of a hard **** covered with my saliva. I really loved the intensity of a *** spurting ****** as I sucked the shaft down my throat. Damn, just writing about the feelings make my **** stiff.

Wow. I have not sucked a **** in such a long time. I'm not gay but the thought makes me tremble. I can feel the *** shooting into my mouth like it was yesterday. I had a difficult time swallowing and I didn't bite or teeth drag. I guess having really nice large soft lips is the key. I know it is very valuable when I eat *****. I love to eat ***** that squirts and I swallow all of it .I wonder if I could trust sucking a guys ****. How would I know he wouldn't ram it down my throat...maybe just being able to jerk a guy off...I should start there.:)

;) If doesnt matter if your gay bi or les. Im bi and this story really makes me feel happy Great story dude :D

@funwithtoasters, that does make me feel good as well..

:) See your not alone.

hum love to read an jack off man am so hot think i am going to shot a gallon of ***

It really is one of my favorite things. My current gf and I found that a friend of ours was interested in a three way. This was my first time seeing a **** as close as it was. It turned me on to watch her suck him off . She had me hold her hair while i fingered her and she blew him. I was a little forward and slid my hand from her hair and cupped his balls, just to see if I could do it and to see their reaction. Turns out, he didn't mind and actually moaned a bit more while she went down on him a little deeper. I stroked his balls for a while until I got the courage to grab the ba<x>se of his ****. My girl backed off a bit and let me jack him in her mouth. She asked me if I was enjoying myself and we all giggled. I asked him if he would mind if I tried sucking him for a while. He agreed and my girl guided me mouth first to my first ****. I was nervous but not scared as he wasnt too long, but more thick, like me. I don't know, but it was actually kind of nice. I sucked as best I could and liked being on my knees servicing this ****. My girl went down on me and I tried to mimic what she wae doing. After 10 minutes or so, I worked up the guts to ask if I could be f*cked. My gf was ashocked but said okay as long as she could watch. I laid on my back and tried to prepare myself. He lubed up my *** and his ****. I pulled my legs back and he put his tip on my hole. I felt him lean onto it and the pressure on my ******* was amazing. I took almost 10 more minutes for .me to loosen up enough for him to get inside me, and when he finally did I felt stretched and incredibly FULL. I said to my girl that I now knew what it was like when she said the same thing. He was gentle and pumped me slowly, missionary style and I noticed that my **** stayed nice and hard as his pole massaged my insides. He pumped faster and asked where I wanted him to come. Without thinking I said, " inside me ". My gf was fingering herself and jacking me. Within a minute he said "here it comes" and he jammed it in to the hilt. I could actually feel him pulsing come inside my *** and that was all it took, I shot my load all over my stomach. Since then we have met atleast one a month and have a greqt time.

Daaamn ;]

Great story thank you for sharing with us I would love to ahve been with you both

i am 50 and will be having my 1st bi-experience in about 2 weeks while out of town on biz. i have waited forever to have a man want my body and he give his. i posted on CL and after sorting through the replies, i think i found my man. we have been swapping pix (most erotic) and emails daily. he is going to make my 1st time special and memorable. i hope that we can continue every time time i travel there. the fun thing is that we are both package size challenged, but love our smallness. he is bi and tells me that it is whole new world!

me being a bi sexual girl, that makes me SOOOOO horny.

great story.. sounds hot and fun..

Very hot stories. I had had several close bi experiences before having my first true experience. I had jerked off with a buddy a couple times but had chickened out when he talked about going farther. One day I was particular day I was extremely horny and looking through adds of people looking to get ****, I found one that was interesting and after email back and forth for a while I head over to his house. When I got there I found him stroking his **** and watching ****. After a while he walked over to me and stuck his **** in my face. I was so turned on that I gladly opened my mouth and began sucking. I knew I was hooked after this, I even swallowed his *** after shot his load in my mouth. I love being with women and nothing feels better than ***** but every now and then I get this urge that can only be satisfied by sucking a ****

Nice story; ever think of writing erotica?? I think it'd be a good hobby for ya :)

i love it

Kudos to you! Hot story. Glad you had such an awesome experience!

Th story is great. I've seen a better one on m. lol

This story made me sooo hot it's not even funny

All this stories just made me so hot!!!,

Such a hot story. I love how you both started off so innocent. I really liked the passion and stimulation. Hope you got to play around more after that.

i love to suck,**** **** but hate all the *******,kissing guys girls oh yes all of that above love the feeeling of gwtting a load of *** on face or in mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mmmmmm

I have been bi since my early tens.<br />
<br />
My first time of enjoying male sex and ******* to terms was when i was in my 20s with a guy in his 40s's.<br />
<br />
We had some great sex and his **** was so beautiful. cut with a nice mushroom end, just right for sucking.<br />
<br />
As I get older i appreciate sex even more

This was a great story to read I reallly enjoyed it

I would kill for this to be my first time

my **** is so hard and wet reading all this... i am very particular. i won't be with a man than i can't kiss. he has to be feminine, like me. he has to shaved. he has to be considerate, etc. i loved you're story, whether it is true, or not... a ten inch **** sure soure sounds good right now:P

hey boyz a hard **** does not share "sexual preference" and a warm wet mouth gets the job done regardless of gender...

I really wish I could remember my first experience with a guy but I don't. Wayyy to much to drink

i have a dream of that,who can help me bring it to reality?im in philippines

Nice stories. I think it is so hot

Hot story

I am also bisexual and I am 19 from Oxford,OH! If anyone wants to add me I am new to this site lol great story dude!

I remember my first experience sucking **** like it was yesterday. Trying to suck this **** and swallow at the same time was almost impossible I finally slowed down on my sucking and concentrated on swallowing as his *** came shooting out. I now realized that he was so turned on by my sucking that he came as soon as I began sucking him. By the time I stopped sucking there was *** all over his **** and balls as most of the *** came gashing out of my mouth but manage to swallow most of the big gash of his ***. Once I got control of my self I sucked him until his **** went lame! Now that I’m experienced in sucking **** it’s not to messy!

bi guys are hot : )

: ) being bi myselff i can totalyy say yuh guys most have hadf fun :)

: ) being bi myselff i can totalyy say yuh guys most have hadf fun :)

Good stories guys - thanks

That was agreat story which reminded me of my school and college days ! I also had half a dozen friends boys and girls with whome I have enjoyed sex.. I'll share my story...rreal ones some time... hope to take ur **** some time in my thirsty mouth...

Awww, so cute.

I love to kiss a man down there if he is clean and shaved and his **** is small or med, I dont kiss on the lips unless he is a boy not a man and smooth . Love tasting small dicks who can *** good

your story made me sooooo hot

My wife and friends have no idea that I am bisexual because I kept it so discreet. My first bi experience was over 12 years ago when I was back in St Louis attending family business. I had to go to the local mall to buy some gloves with a couple approached me and introduced themselves. The woman was a former high school classmate (Diane) of mine and her husband Gary. Diane was a plain and shy girl in high school that never dated anyone. However, I always talked to her in school and made her laugh. Now over 20 years later, she was married with two kids and living in the rural county. Every two months they would come to town and shop in the malls. It was nice seeing someone from my high school so I asked them to dinner at the hotel the Marriott where I was staying. During dinner they mention to me they were both swingers and wanted to know if I would join them and I said yes. So after dinner we went up to my large hotel suite. Once we got there we put on a adult movie and sat on the end of bed watching it for a few minutes. Diane that was sitting between us, when she excused herself and went to the bathroom. She came out a couple of minutes later wearing only a sexy leather half cup bra and sat between us. Her breasts were much larger than I thought (D cup) and her ***** was nicely shaved. Gary and I took the hint and starting sucking her breasts as Diane moved farther up onto the bed. After a couple minutes I started licking her shaved ***** which was dripping wet. I noticed that Diane was giving Gary a blow job at the same time so I concentrate on Diane's first exploding ******. A few minutes later after she came the first time and I was licking up her nectar, I felt someone giving me a blow job and it was Gary. It really felt good and I did not mind nor expected it. He kept going and Diane said don't let him *** yet there is plenty of time. So after a few minutes I suggested to Gary let me try this and I really got off sucking his **** and tasting his pre-***. During our ********* Gary took pictures and we try every sexual variation we could think of and made sure everyone came at least several times that night each. One time Gary and Diane began sucking and licking my **** at the same time. It was like a competition to them to see which one made me *** first. I exploded and they both shared my *** which was such a turn on for me. We finally stopped around 3 am and crashed on my bed together with Diane between us. I had to leave at 5:30 am to catch a flight but we never got another chance to get together. However, we still email each other all the time and try it again when I get back there. Since then I have been with other bi-couples and other married men like myself.

you took the words right out of my mouth!

never experienced that but kinda feeling sooo hot right now i am also longing for that!

You are a very lucky guy. At least you can plan on meeting your special friends, even if it's only once a year. Maybe for your next meeting, you could let your friends know that you could enjoy partying with several of their other bi-couples and make a wonderfully long weekend out of it.

I am an older man who has had to deal with these feelings most of my life. I had a friend in high school (many many years ago) with whom I had *********** and sucked off several times. But after we graduated we went our separate ways and both got married. All my life I have wanted to jack off and suck another mans ****, but it is strictly sex. With women, I enjoy kissing them and cuddling, as well as sex. But I can't imagine kissing a man. Therefore, I don't think I'm really bisexual, even though I'd love to suck a **** and have it *** in my mouth. Does that make sense?

I feel the same way. I've talked to a few people about the same phenomenon. In the end I always describe it as being emotionally heterosexual, and sexually bi-sexual. Makes perfect sense. Talk to your wife, she might be more open to it if you explain it fully as such. She'll most likely feel less threatened if it's purely sexual.

I can understand where you're coming from kind of

So glad to read this. I once described myself as emotional gay. And after reading this the description would be- sexually - bi and mentally - lesbian lol

Yeah, I'm the same way. I can't imagine kissing another guy. But, I don't mind letting a guys suck me off and also sucking someone's ****.

Maybe you are just attracted to your penis. Before you actually sucked or stroked a man, how many times did you wonder how it would feel if you could suck yourself off.
Why is it so hard to believe that a person can be attracted to what they have touched and seen their whole life?

Makes perfect sense to me. I'm 33 now and hope that I don't get much older before I get to experience it as well. I'm going to talk to my fiancee about it soon and hope she understands, i want her to be involved when I experience it so its nothing like cheating or anything.

Definitively speaking, what exactly is bisexual? Is it a simple as another person of the same sex getting you (any you them) off? Or does bisexual mean you would be comfortable on every level with both sexes.
I'm with you. I have no desire to sensually or passionately kiss another man at all. But the idea of another man being turned on by me, stoking and/or sucking another **** and getting each other to *** turns me on sometimes.

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