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My First Bisexual Experience

I was camping with A friend Jason. He was tall for his age and vary athletic. he had blond hair and green eyes. Jim, who had brown hair and brown eyes and the same height as me, was hanging out with us but was not aloud to stay. We were camping at a small site that Jasons dad had cleared next to a pond. Jason said that now that he was almost fifteen his dad was not coming with us. After we set up camp Jim looked at Jason and said happy B-day and pulled out some **** magazines and some beer that his brother gave him. A few beers later  we were looking at one of  the magazines and saw a girl giving a *******. Jim said I wonder what that fells like. me to I said but I also wonder what it fells like to have a twelve inch ****. After we stoped laughing Jason side that he had a ten inch. Jim and I both said bull **** at the same time. Jason just smilled. An hour later Jim left and Jason and I put out the fire and got in the tent. We were drinking more beer and looking at the magazines. Jason started to read one of the stores out loud. I was on my back looking at the stars through the window in the top of the tent, listening to him read.  with out realizing It I was stroking my **** as he was reading. Jason stoped reading and said I see that you are in to this story as much as i am. I looked over and it was clear that from the tent that he was pitching in his sleeping bag that he was not lieing about having a big ****. Jason said... well there is no uses hiding it now. he pulled off his sleeping bag to reveal a long hard ****. he went back to reading the magazine which he held with one hand as he stroked his **** with the other. I pulled off my sleeping bag and started to do the same.  When the storey was over Jason put down the magazine looked at me and said  well what do you think? He rolled over and started to kiss me. We got to our knees kissing and grab each others throbbing dicks, stroking them feverishly. We started to rub our dicks together and playing with each others balls. I was glad to see that I had just as much girth as he did but he had me by at lest two or three inchs in length. We continued to kiss and pant as we groped one another. We moved in to a 69. I was sucking his balls (whitch were also big) as I jacked him off. He was doing the same to me. After I gained up enough never I worked my way up his long shaft kissing and licking him. I ran my tongue to the top of his ****. I took his long **** in my mouth. He arched his back and let out a low sustaining moan of approval. He shoved his hips forward and I started to gag as his **** slid down my throat. It took Jason longer to put my **** in his mouth, but when he did my enter boddy tingled, and both our dicks swelled even more. Jason, gasping for breath siad I'm close, I moaned and said me to. between licking and sucking. He asked me ware do you want to cume? In your throat I said. Are you going to do the same he asked. Yes I said. My hart was racing and my boddy went regid as he shoved my **** down his throat. My head flew back and I called out "O god" as my cume shot down his throut. He gaged and pulled back some but my **** never left his mouth. he continued sucking and never missed a droop. I pushed Jason on to his back and rolled on top of him. Each of his hands were on the back side of my legs. He had a strong grip ( which was common for farm boys ) He started licking and sucking my balls. As I put my lips around his ****  Jason let out a loud moan and said I'm going to...... but be for he could finish the words his cume shot to the back of my mouth. I could fell his **** pulsating. I took a deep breath and took as much of his **** as i could down my throat. I continued sucking until he was completely lipm. His **** was still impassive looking.  I got off and laid down next to him. Jason was smiling when he looked at me. Is that what you though it would fell like he asked. No I said still panting. we started laughing. then we got up and went swimming in the pond to cool off.

thedreamer thedreamer 26-30, M 94 Responses Oct 19, 2006

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Add a response...Years ago when I was 15, I frequently had sleep overs at a friends house, his father had an amazing **** mag collection.<br />
We used to look at the magazines together, we would get hard ons and joke about how hard the girls got us by the lumps in our trousers. Then one evening David pulled down his track suit bottoms and up sprung his hard penis, he started to stroke it while looking at the pictures. So I thought ' why not' and pulled down my trousers too and we both kneeled there ************ until we came.<br />
From then on, it became a regular occurrence, we never touched each other, but I did get a thrill out of ************ in front of him and seeing him do the same, and watching him ***, spurting into the cup we'd both do it into (for ease of disposal) was very exciting.<br />
One day we were on our knees ************ away as usual when his mother walked into his room with some clothes to put away, she didn't say a word, walked past us, placed his clothes on his bed and as she walked out she just smiled and said 'you boys OK?'.<br />
She walked in on us a fair few times over the next year or so. <br />
The whole experience was good and at no time did we ever feel like touching each other.

Learn to spell

Very hot. I love having a hard **** in my mouth.

This was a very interesting story :)- but all of the spelling mistakes took away from the reading experience.

Very hot experience!

very nice story ... turns me on

Great story! I wish I had those kinds of experiences in my younger days. I didn't have a man in my mouth till I was 36. Thank you for sharing!

You can read about it, I just posted my story

Very interesting story a..n..d... this reminded me of my school/college days...! Thank u dear...!

Ive been pretty bold lately with a couple of my friends ive got hand jobs and given some with guys that i would never suspect to be even a hint of bi in them and it was so hot

wow what a hot story

Nice story!! Your first time sounds better than mine. Take care!

happened to me two, agh the ole tent! Love those mem,ories

Awesome and lucky guy

Great story, thanks!

Great story!! be young and curious. I've done it too...but your experience sounds better!

One time I was ****** while getting head AND taking a hit of coke. Girl was giving me the head. Nothing has been better since.

Haha oh hit the peak of existence too early! Are you doomed to walk about with nothing more exciting to look forward to? Bummer

My dream is having sex with a married man while his wife sucks my **** and fingers my ***,i want to **** his ***.

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Wow!!! Now I have to get up and get the baby oil to help me with mine...

Love the story

hot story!


mmmmmm made me crave some nice **** to play with

That's a great story. I always dremed it would happen that way to me as a kid, but it didn't.

HOT! Would love to have been there.

Hot night for you both. I love how you both eased into it and went for it. great night.

So hot man, thank you for sharing.

I would rate up your story but it has the perfect rating already.

mmm Hot story! did you all get together after that?


That was a hot story and I love sucking **** and would love to have a huge **** in my ***