Double Coming Out Today

Today I told my wife( mother of two) that I was Bi gendered and in so doing ended up telling her that I am Bi sexual too. BAM! just like that( the two are independent) and she actually took it pretty well =D I had been holding this inside for years! She said she had been doubting for a while now because guess what? She's pretty much" the guy" in the couple( I'm a great dad nonetheless!)she's the one handling the paperwork, she's the one who drives, the one who likes manual work hell she even kill the spiders loll. She suddenly understood a lot of things... I was like sorry honey but you're probably a butch and you don't even know it ;) cough* she is actually... she has virtually no make up( I swear I couldn't find any), hardly any feminine clothing( trust me I know) heck she doesn't even wear a purse I mean WTF?! Seriously though she said that she's not very happy that I want to grow my hair and she REALLY doesn't want me to change my body which doesn't come as a surprise. If I knew without the shadow of a doubt that I'd be passable and actually end up looking good I'd take hormones anyways I'd have nothing to lose I've been miserable for years I don't want "pecs" I want boobs FFS! . but I might have to do it nonetheless if my doctor/therapist think that's best my wife will understand, accept and adapt.. Or leave. I don't want her to leave but I'm just so scared for the children... Anyhow that's a victory for me!!! I had 3 songs in my head all day long: America **** YEAH, Now you're a MAN and I'm coming out( I know cliche right). Interesting fact: she couldn't care less about me being Bi sexual ?!

That's a wrap EP!! Thanks for being there!
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