I Am Who I Am

I was 14 years old when I married the first time, I started having babies right away and did not really know what good healthy enjoyable sex was. My husband was 12 years older than me and became abusive almost immeadiately. When I was 16 he beat me bad enough to put me in the hospitol and when I was released I left him(sadly it was a fleeting escape) I left everything but two changes of clothes that I through into an old gym bag. I went out to the highway and stuck out my thumb, and was picked up by three of the best people I have ever had the privlege of knowing two young men and a young woman. Now I have to say that I was very inexperienced sexually up to that point but the next three months changed my life forever. I had a tremendous number of sexual encounters with these new friends. To this day I remember the whole experience vividly and am currently writing a story (almost completely factual) about that time in my life.I learned that Love not sex is the determining factor in a persons sexuallity( ok Mine) I learned that I could and did love women  every bit as much as I loved men and did not want to have to choose one over the other, Today I choose by heart and personallity not by gender.

Well if you would like to read the story as it is written so far just let mw know ,I have posted the 5 completed parts at another blog site and would be happy to share it. thats about it.

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So nice to hear that you were able to learn from your bad experience and grow - in so many ways...

AWESOME! Glad you've done it! Enjoy!

I'd love to read them camels827... please let us know where we can find them. If you don't want it to be public your welcome to use les dot claire at virgin dot net.<br />
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Good person or bad person? All you need to know...<br />
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whats the link to the other blog site??<br />