My Attraction Towards Both :)

female partners indeed, go far beyong sex, everytime I see a woman, I always think in a romantic experience, I imagine her in my bed cuddling with me, and sometimes with a chid while walking in the park or something like that, I think also, far term relationships are more stable with them, because they are not living just for the sex and such shallow things (at least not all of them, as most of gay people i have seen), but, when it comes to a man, they have that rough and tough contact that I sometimes need to feel, their scent, sweat, muscles, deep voice mmm sometimes it really turns me on, also, I dont know if its me, but men sometimes would like to feel like they are protected by someone, a tougher higher guy, and who wouldnt like another person to cuddle you, instead of the man always been the one that cuddles and protects, 

 I want to know what is that drives other bisexual men to men? is it jut good sex? new experiences? or feeling like your protected and more appreciated by the,. than by a woman?

bye guys, I wish to hear from yuo XD 
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With me I don't know what it is or was. I have been with only one guy in my life and it was a good experience. I am married now and have a child. I wouldn't trade that for anything. I can't say that I never have those thoughts of being with another guy. I do but would never cheat on my wife. She knows nothing of what I did in the past. I am not into the queer acting types but have always been attracted to more of the guys that are manly and straight acting. I can truly say I enjoy being with both men and women. I can have an attraction to either. I am still friends with the guy I was with and stil to this day when I see him walk away I have to sneek a peek at his butt. I know that is wrong but he brought me so much happiness and joy at that time in my life. We never speak of it but I only hope he feels the same way. He did make me feel safe and just smelling his scent when he is around just makes me feel alive. Also it just seemed that he always knew what I wanted in the sex department or just hanging out. He was and still is one of the most amazing people I have ever known.

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