Im Alone

i go to a school where being bisexual isnt realy accepted. everyone knows of my sexuality and girls always come to me and tell me there bi but dont want anyone to know........ i know it is kinda selfish that im angry when these girls dont want to be who they are because they dont want to be rejected by people at school but it bothers me that im the only one that is willing to come out and say that i like girls too .... im alone and i never get girlfriends because no one wants to admit it ..... am i the only one that has this problem?
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1 Response Apr 1, 2012

Thats kinda similar to me. I'm secretly bi and really ashamed of it. I would like to try a gay relationship but I keep it to myself. So I guess I understand why people at your school keep it to themselves. I doubt I'll ever come out about it so maybe you just have some sort of strength others don't.

i just never realy understood y people are ashamed of that i mean what is so bad about it that you might never come out about it

Because some people don't believe in it. Sometimes it goes against that persons value or he/she is worried about how there family or other people will think about it.