Lick and suck

Most of the time I want a girl as opposed to some guy. It might be because there are no guys worth being with right now or that girls come with no strings attached and its just more fun. Two beautiful women doing dirty things to one another is just so sexy.

Lonneke Lonneke
22-25, F
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I agree!

i found my experiance with another man to be very warm and wonderful i guess it depends upon the people involved.

Women are the most beautiful creatures on earth, but after what happened to me i believe giving myself to a man is also beautiful.

I have to agree with you and I am a guy. I am bi, but I have more female friends than male friends. I find women are much more sensual then are men. Men tend to have one track minds....have sex and get it over with quickly.

I have way more lady friends than men friends. Women are more open minded than men. I love being bisexual. Being homo or hetero is way too limiting. I really don't even care for the bisexual label. If I have to wear a label, I'd prefer being labelled "sexual".

Lonneke, i know this is an old post.. but I agree with you 210%<br />
<br />
Its hot. Its natural. Its a wonderful *effin* act of pleasure.

I like sex. I don't want to make it any more complicated than that.

If you REALLY think girls come with no strings attached, it sounds like you haven't been with many girls :) If all you're looking for is a shallow, physical relationship, there are plenty of guys AND girls around for that. But suggesting that the average girl is somehow less emotionally involved in relationships is to dismiss the very nature of women...

Having 2 happy women in my life is a definate turn on. Women are so beautiful from their head to their toes. If that fantasy every came to life, I would then have to deal with pre-mature ejaculatioin. :)

i totally agree with this one :)

im bisexual but i find myself more attracted to women.. and i think girl on girl sex is very sexi!!

Well, I am open minded and I love my gay pals, but, female/female is a painting, lovely, interesting, romantic, sexy.....Male/Male, not so pretty, even with two very handsome men. Simply not as desirable to think about unless you are a gay male.


I think so too, thats why I love them also!

IM not sure about you but every girl ive had comes with at least ten times the strings guys have, and there in a tangled heap that you have to undo to figure them out

sexy and fun i am sure but very sinful. either ur a believer or not, it's still a sin to lust and sleep with the opposite sex. i have been where u are and i quit. i only date woman again. no i didn't go religious.

girl girl sex is pure sex