I'm Quite Grateful For This Group.

Since coming out as a bisexual, I have been criticized and judged by this. Not because it goes against 'straight norms' nor was the matter of religion. It was mainly by members of the LGBT community themselves. Apparently, I am viewed as a LGBT ***** for not being able to 'chose' one gender for romantic partners (as if that were an option). I find it quite unnecessary that this view has been placed upon bisexuals, especially when it is imposed by fellow members of the LGBT, who are constantly being judged and ridiculed for their own sexuality. It's like we're at the bottom of the food chain, when I was under the impression we were all equals. Alike straight and homosexual individuals: We have not chosen to be sexually attracted to both male and female, it is simply an impulse. Not an excuse to cheat, or to have 'the best of both worlds'. I just wish others could understand it.
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Please do not let anyone got you down. You are who you are & the only opinions that count are from those whose opinions you value.<br />
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Be true to yourself, & strive never to harm others, & you will be fine. There are lots of bisexuals out there just like you; you are not alone!

I understand how you feel, i've experienced Bifobia myself and you know what? After five years i just pity them, homosexual and heterosexuales who ofend us. They are just poor souls that cant undestand anything but black or white!

You are so right. I think there is a lingering prejudice among some in the gay community who think that bi people are really gay but still closeted, or who can't believe that having experienced gay relationships / attraction, anyone would want to 'go back'. Wake up people - we are who we are and we can't help who we are attracted to. There's no pretend.<br />
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The 'promiscuous' thing is just another put-down too. Sure, there might be more options cheating is still cheating. Whenever I've been in a relationship, I've always stayed true. Not long ago, I had the chance to hook up with a guy who I've messed around with in the past but nothing serious, but I have a girlfriend now so I said no - same as I would with a woman in the same position. Being in a straight relationship now does mean that I miss the feel of a man next to me but that's a small price to pay for being with what I really hope is the love of my life.

It's really surprising that there is so much internalized discrimination in the LGBT community, you think they would be more accepting. Don't listen to those people though! You don't have to be only "gay" or "straight", be yourself and embrace that you're bisexual :)

It's just a set back that we're painted in such a promiscuous picture.