Best Of Both Worlds... In Secret :/

I think it is because of how we understand eachother so much more.How we are sweeter to eachother. I am bisexual too and i wish i could come out to more people. Only my true friends know i am bisexual and i guess all you on here. Anyone else have this issue. I am 18 and i am a preachers kid so i guess this is highly against the bible so i cant even tell my mom. plus she judges bisexuals and that really hurts. Why cant i be loved for me. Instead i have to hide how i really am.I love girls is that so wrong? I guess to alot of the world it really is. :(
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It isn't wrong for a girl to love girls. It is wrong to being judged for that. So, if your parents really love you unconditionally for what you are they will support you and your girlfriend. The bible tells a lot about love; preachers tells a lot about love. I'm sure that your parents (hopefully) said often to you "We love you!" or "I love you!", and I think that your parents being proved for that words. If they are hurting you for that you love girls (or for any other reason) something is wrong with their interpretation of the holy bible.
I wish you and your girlfriend (and your family) all the best! May you be a happy girl!

It is not against the bible and until the catholic church came to power it was considered normal for people to have lovers of both sexes. The church is run by a bunch of up tight controlling a_____es that just want to oppress people. You like to have sex with people of both sexes so go and enjoy. <br />
the bible only says to be fruitful and multiply. Try studying history outside of school and you will be shocked. The most manly groups like the Knights Templar were started by Benedictine monks that had leaders that were lovers of both women and men. Enjoy life. I understand about keeping it from your judgemental family I do the same but it does not stop me.

I'm in a very similar situation myself, I can't be open about my sexual orientation either because my father hates gays and so does practically all my relatives from his side of the family. In my eyes there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you liking girls. If you wish to talk more feel free to add me to your friends list :)