I have only ever been w/ one woman but I think about it constantly. My husband knows and it excites him. where do you find a nice girl to play with????
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Store clerks?! Forget it!<br />
Often times the hubby attracts the female and he and his wife share her. You have to remember that your passion may very well be the same passion of someone else looking for the same thing but subject to run if you move to fast.<br />
It is not just the destination, it is also the journey that can be rewarding. Take your time. Getting your **** licked or licking a **** is not necessairly the final solution. There must be more. The seduction, the capture, the submission of innocence, the conquest, the ultimate sensation of mutual exploration and discovery. My wife, a virgin on our wedding day and a total prude found a new dimension of sexual pleasure after nearly twelve years of slow seduction by our very good friends. <br />
tht may be too long to wait but it is food for thought. The reward at the end was worth the wait, as was told to me by the other gal once we were all in tune. Now our new sexual dimensions are delightfully measured weekly<br />
<br />

Wine tasting! I encourage my wife to dress as revealing as possible when we go and we have been approached a number of times by couples and males looking to enjoy a glass of wine and see if we hit it off. It's a fun way to go!

Mmm see you have fulfilled that desire ..*Wink*

I'm getting better at flirting with women. In real life, I'm actually kinda shy. But getting better. I wish my radar was better though.

You don't only have to practice your flirting with females on store clerks, I flirt all the time with all woman I feel attracted to.

Oh miss redsilk, I would love to play with you - anytime, anywhere. You have so much to teach me! let me know if you ever hop the pond. :)

*putting up my hand*<br />
Here Miss!! Over here!!! Meee!!

actually - it's all my idea. he doesn't really push it unless i do. and i have watched him - it was great - a real turn on ... sorry to disappoint. LOL

Well first, you would have decide if this is for you, or him. If you are looking for a fling, you can try the MILLIONS of sites (AshleyMadison.com), or as well maybe someone you are comfortable with. <br />
<br />
From what you describe, it seems as though this is motivated by your husband; which isn't a bad thing, but things can get awkward especially as you see him having sex with her (which he will want to do). <br />
<br />
keep us posted.

i think you can chat first and see

contact me in private

maybe. what are the conditions?

maybe you and my wife?

I am having this problem myself!

Im good at flirting,but all i seem to find are the confused women.

i don't think so. depends on who you ask, i suppose - the hunter or the hunted. :)

Okay...happy hunting.

I agree. but it's the flirting that I'm working on. and it excites him to send me so.....

and most store clerks are too pissed off by the general public to even think of having sex with you...most of the time.

I am a store clerk...

I've found a few - where are you now, Other? It really doesn't matter for me though, Hubby doesn't really go for clubbing. He likes sending me to the convience store where he's found a new cute clerk or something. I have to go in and hit on her and see what happens. So far, nothing good - but I'm getting better at my girl flirting so maybe something soon....???

Seeing that Cactus in the background makes me sad I moved... :-( <br />
<br />
Same thing, curious and looking but it hasn't happened again. <br />
<br />
I like the idea of a bi-female/Straight couples club... Where do I find that? <br />
<br />
Maybe sometime soon!

have done that but don't have any pics to share so haven't really gotten a good response. I think that after things settle down a bit with the business, we'll get a bit more serious about looking for a second wife.

There are "lifestyle" clubs in most cities<br />
(bi-female/str male couples)

Update: Been w/ two women now!<br />
<br />
(strippers still count as women, right???)