How Did I Not Realise?

Looking back, I should have known all along that I liked females but I only realized two years ago. I remember liking the way girls looked on tv and feeling embarrassed when I saw an attractive woman. I always told myself that I didn't like them 'like that.' But later on,I see that I really did and still do like females. At first I thought I may be a lesbian, but that didn't feel right. So now I know. I like both=)
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

Haha. sounds like me :)

I'm a bi male, and I identify with what you've said here, especially with regard to looking but denying your feelings at first. I would look at some guys but immediately start telling myself that I was admiring their looks in a totally platonic way. That I didn't like them, as you said, "like that." Well, not true. It took me a while to admit it to myself.

Thanks for your comment!

No problem.