Bi But Happy ;p

This thought, i could be bisexual, is in this time of my life very important for me and i thought, "what in my life can show me, that i am bi?". So, in my childhood I've played a lot with cars and only a short time with puppets. Of course I had in the elementary school a few boy-friends, but last year I had my first kiss. With my (ex-)best girl-friend. So, I don't know it, yet.

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5 Responses Apr 21, 2007

Greedy yep dats me I want it ALL!

i have always had a sence i was bi because i personally couldnt restrict myself from affection

i am only 13 but i think i am bie can you please help me find out

Im not sure if I am either. You wanna help me find out?

take your time - there is no rush. You have a long time to figure it out. I'm older and just discovered. No worries!