I Sucked A **** And I Liked It!

Im v happily married, have a great sex life, but one night a guy came on to me and i ended up wanking and sucking a beautifull bigcock!

Whilst out for a drink with some work mates, i was the last person left with my boss, out of the blue he asked me "have you ever let a guy suck your ****" i said no, but realised i was about to due to the fact that i got a massive hard on!

We went across to the shop we worked in, went down stairs, and started kissing passionately, i had never felt so ******* horny in my life, i reached down and started rubbing his impressive ****, it got so hard so quick, he rubbed my **** over my trousers, my big **** aching to be released.

We sat down removing our trousers, i put my hands into his briefs, the head of his big **** already out, i took my first ever **** in my hands and wanked him gently, he lay me back, sucking my nipples he wanked my **** expertly, i said to him "**** my face"he stood up and started ******* my mouth, his awesome **** pushing deeper down my throat, i sucked his **** so well, so long that he started to come, he pulled out, grabbed my hair and came hard over my face, his hot ***** nearly blinding me, he lay me down, and sucked my hard **** so well i came in under two minutes, he drank my *** without missing a drop!

Now that was ******* horny!!

Hit me up guys and girls!
Jordeeboi Jordeeboi
41-45, M
3 Responses Sep 9, 2012

That was a hott story. Bravo sir. Bravo.

Nice job, and the boss too...that should lead to a lot of extra benefits... Plz add me

Nice, made my **** hard!