My Ex-wife The Hot Shot Driver

Thinking back, it shouldn’t amaze me that Mary met someone like Peter. We had been swinging with her boss and his wife for almost six months. Bob and Vivian had more than just a few friends, in their little group of swingers. Bob told me that he added them all up once and there were twenty couples and then there were those twenty-seven guys who worked off shore and stopped at his place first, when they got off the rig.
At one party on I think it was a Wednesday night, we were introduced to three new couples of which two were blacks. One of the two black husbands was Peter and after screwing my wife around the world, (once in each hole), and starting over in her ***, he asked her if she ever thought about driving as a “Hot Shot Driver”. He told her that she could make good money and all she needed was a pickup truck. He went on to tell her that he used those kinds of trucks on a regular base to haul things like oil field drill bits and other equipment.
Later that night, after we had gone back home, Mary told me what he had said and that he even offered to give her the down payment and co-sign for her, as long as she ****** him on a weekly bases. I had a little trouble answering her, as she was sitting on my face, so I could lick her well ****** *****, clean.
After she got off me, I told her to go for it, but I would be worried about all the dangers she would be facing, on the road every day and night.
Come Friday evening, after we got home from work, got cleaned up and ate dinner, it was off to Bob and Vivian’s for another long weekend of fun sex. On the way over there I said, “By the way, are you still spending your lunch time ******* Bob in his office?” Mary smiled and said, “You mean to tell me that you can’t taste his *** in me when you eat me every night?” Then she squeezed my ****.
As soon as we arrived and I parked the car, she was out of her cloths and sucking his ****. Of course, I was naked and sucking Vivian’s very tasty ***** as well, while she was sucking me off. Five minutes later, the doorbell rang and two more couples joined us and the party moved to the backyard. That weekend was wonderful for both Mary and me as we both had our fill of **** and *****. Several times I had the pleasure of watching my lovely wife sucking another woman’s *** filled *****, while some guy was filling hers with his ****. Of course, while I was sucking several *** filled *******, I got to enjoy a good *** reaming from several of the guys as well.
It was about two weeks later, when Mary told me that she had told Bob of her intentions to quit welding and drive Hot Shot truck. I think it was a Tuesday evening that she said she was going to meet Peter at his office and get things started on buying a truck. She also said that she would be giving him a down payment on his offer. I asked her if she wanted me to go along. Mary just laughed and grabbed the keys and left.
Around nine-thirty the phone rang. It was Mary and she said I should come over to where Pet worked and to be quick about it. I started my motorcycle and drove right over. Once inside, I made my way to his office and found Mary naked and sucking his **** as he sat in his easy chair. I just stood there watching my wife doing her best to get as much of his ten inch, thick, black **** in her mouth as she could. Then I said, “She still can’t swallow the entire thing, can she?”
Peter smiled and replied, “No but she sure does try and it sure does feel good.” So, are you ok with our arrangement? I’ll give Mary the $2000.00 down payment and co-sign for her truck. All she has to do is **** me at least once a week and haul all the freight I have for her, to where ever it has to go. This means that she will be gone from home for several days and nights, now and then.”
I told him that it was all up to her, after all, she’s the one who had to do the work. That is when Mary released his **** and said, “Honey, there’s something I would like you to do and the deal will be sealed.” I had a lump in my throat but said, “And that is?”
“Well, Pet said he would enjoy watching you being ****** by those two guys over there, while he ***** my ***, again! So how about losing your cloths and grabbing a table, so they can take turns with your *** and mouth!” With that, she stood up, bent over his desk and I watched as Pet slid all ten inches of his thick **** deep in her fine ***. When he was fully planted, Mary let out a long groan and began quivering with a very strong ******.
I got undressed and the two men who were waiting removed their cloths and we began our enjoyment. I was very thankful that neither of them had anywhere near the amount of **** that Pet had, but I still felt like a white pig on a black spit.
Two hours later and with three loads of *** in both my stomach and ***, I got on my cycle and rode home, with Mary in the car behind me. After we got in the house, she said, “That was so ******* hot, watching you getting ****** in both ends. Now I understand why you enjoy watching me getting ******. By the way, how does your *** feel?”
The next morning, as I was getting ready for work, I asked her if she would be quitting her welding job any time soon. She told me that Friday would be her last day and thanked me again for allowing those two men to **** me the night before and for sucking her well ****** ***** clean too. Then she asked me if I still wanted her to visit Bob at lunch time. “Hell yes I do! There is no reason on earth for you to stop, especially when I know how much you enjoy feeling his **** fill your ***** and besides, won’t he be expecting both you and Vivian for lunch?”
“Ah, there’s something you need to know about Vivian and me. You see, most days when we go to his office at lunch time, there is someone else up there waiting for us. That way, Viv gets a **** too, instead of just watching and fingering herself. Then, before we go back to work, Viv and I suck each other’s freshly and well ****** *******. I do sort of miss not sucking Bob off, when he’s ready to ***, but sucking Viv’s *** filled ***** kind of makes up for it.”
Come Monday morning, Mary took her new Toyota one ton truck over to Pet’s and while he joyfully ****** her brains out, his laborers installed a new flatbed on the truck. Mary pulled in the driveway the same time as me that evening with a really big smile. I asked what she was so happy about but she pointed to the house, so we went in. Without a word, she ******** and dragged me to the bedroom. Then she said, “Look what Pet gave me and it’s all for you!” She pointed to her *****, where I saw what looked like a small butt-plug. She said, “He put it in me after all the guys who worked on my truck, very nicely ****** me and filled me with a bunch of ***! Now get your *** in bed so I can unplug and feed you your dinner!”
As I crawled in bed I asked, “So, how many guy enjoyed you, today?” Sitting on my chest, she pulled the plug and the flood began. As I was licking and drinking she said, “There were five of them, Pet and some guy who came to see him. I also enjoyed sucking all of them off at least once. And the best part is, every one of those guys are black, and have ***** almost as big as Pet’s!”
“Before I left, I asked Pet if he could arrange for me to have most weekends off, so we could still go to Bob and Viv’s parties and he said that shouldn’t be a problem. He also said that you are welcome to go with me on those weekends I do have to work, if you want? And there’s one more thing, if you ever decide to drive, like me, he has a two ton truck looking for a driver. He told me that it will pay about $500 a week, with extras.” Then she smiled.
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You watched your wife suck her bosses ****?

Very hot story. I'd love to see you getting your *** pounded and drinking my ***.

Now that sounds like an invitation to me? And where do you live?

What a great marriage! Your wife is the best.....bringing you home a nice warm dinner and feeding it to you. Nothing better than black cream pie.

The only thing better than her bringing it home was watching her getting it and eating it very fresh!

You are one lucky man! Wish your wife could talk my wife in to having as much fun as she does. She'd have me wrapped around her little finger.