I Want A Serious Relationship With A Bi Woman.

My wife of nearly 20 years died last year, over 10 months ago. I have had bi feelings all my life, but never acted on then after I met her. I also never acknowledged my feelings or sexuality to her, because I felt there was no reason to.

I am now looking for a bi woman for a possible long term and serious relationship, not for sexual reasons, but for understanding and to better to understand another human being.

I'm not a very social person, mainly go for walks in the woods with my dog and do stuff at home. My wife had several chronic illnesses, andI was a great husband and we were happy despite some very tough times. I found that being a good mate for her was the most important thing in my life, maybe the ONLY really important thing, and I want to do that again, if it is in the cards.

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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

Sorry to hear about your wife. I completely understand wanting a partner who is understanding about your sexuality. If my wife and I ever divorce or if she dies before I do, I definitely will not get in a relationship with anyone who is not accepting of my bisexuality. Good luck in your search.

Thanks. Of course I have been bi all my life, but at age 65, I am finally getting comfortable with it and I want to have a relationship with a woman who has similar experiences. I have not come out to everyone and have no intention of doing that, but I have a very small number of people who understand, and I find it is a real comfort.