The Joke Never Ends

Ive known I was bisexual since I can remember, I've never cared what my friends thought or what anyone had to say about it, accept for my mom. She was the only person that didn't know I was bi until I turned 17 and I told her. I waited so long because my mom has always openly discussed her opinion on lesbians and gays, and that was once even stated as "they should all go to an island away from everybody and just be happy". So needless to say, I knew she wouldn't be okay with it. Her reaction was not what I wanted but it was better than most I guess. She told me to keep it to myself and not put it in her face, that I shouldn't have told her and just kept doing like I was. I told her I wanted her to know, she's my mom I want her to be proud of every aspect of me and love me for who I am, not who I have sex with. She kind of accepted that but she still said to keep it to myself. It took a long time, and she would forget then be reminded and we'd have some huge stupid argument about it, but now I think it's become a joke. She doesn't ever make fun of me really but she used to not make jokes about gay people, I mean it's better than when she used to say other meaner things but now I can't even kiss her on the cheek without her cringing and saying something like "oh I don't know where that mouths been!" when I'm in a two year relationship with a man! I haven't even been with a woman since before he and I started dating and yet she makes those comments. I guess it's all in good fun, but it hurts still that my mom is grossed out by me. Maybe I shouldn't have told her, at least I wouldn't get teased about it. 
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what do you think would happen if you told her this?

I think she would just play it off because she doesn't mean anything by it, she would probably say sorry for it but it wouldn't stop cause I don't think she believes there's really anything wrong with it. But I may be wrong she might just cut it out all together, but I don't know if I really want to say anything only because I don't want it to get blown out of proportion and she's pretty good at that