Also At 16

I was at another buddy's house for the weekend and he had the coolest room. Along with the Judas Priest and Iron Maiden posters in his room he had a couch. No bed. Just a couch. That's what he wanted so he had more room for amplifiers and guitars.
He also had a closet full or ****!! AGain - no internet - no tumblr - no xhamster.... so a mag was held as a precious commodity and he had a hundred. Dirty ones too - with penetration happening LOL. He must have spent a fortune at the book stores in the city. I was too afraid to go in them.

So one night we were drinking beer and listening to music and going through his **** mags and having a blast. Guys in those days didn't have women sending pictures of their breasts on smartphones. We had to GUESS what girls' breasts must have looked like!!! So being high on some beer and having a rock hard **** from looking at **** and NO outlet must have culminated in what happened in the middle of the night.

I was on the couch - he was on the floor. I was alseep but I woke to my buddy - my best friend since we were in grade school - rubbing my **** through my tighty whiteys!!!! I acted like I was asleep. I was terrified - but my **** was getting hard!! He pulled the waist band down and my **** "boinged" out and he wrapped his hand around it. SOMETHING in my body said 'GOOOOOOOOOOOO' and I pushed him back on the floor and took my underpants off. No words were spoken. I moved my head the opposite of his and we were laying in a 69 type of pose. He was stroking my **** - tugging on it actually. I couldn't breathe hardly as I took his underwear off. He was as hard as a rock. I will never forget thinking how his pubic hair is so much different than mine (WTF right?)! I gulped and, while leaning on one elbow - I wrapped my hand around his **** and started pulling too. IT. WAS. AMAZING. I felt dirty. I felt "wrong". It was SO forbidden then. As I pulled on it I could see in the little bit of light coming through the blinds that he had precum on the end of his ****. I could feel it... it had run down my thumb. SOMETHING IN MY HEAD SAID "GGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' AND I LICKED IT. HE STOPPED pulling and tugging on my ****. I licked and licked and I put him in my mouth. I had never ever ever done anything like this except when I would bend my legs over my head and could JUUUUST barely touch my penis with my tongue and taste my own precum. Well I was doing my best sucking on his ****. He jumped a few times and said "teeth". I felt bad but didn't know what I was doing. I will never forget him saying "i just can't bring myself to do that" to me - meaning he wasn't going to suck on mine. Which was fine - he started rubbing me again and I was going nuts. I could smell his smell - different than mine - not like a girl also. It was all new. I remember how the skin on his penis felt in my mouth - so delicate. The head so soft, but hard.

I came first. I almost passed out. While my balls were still convulsing I jacked his shaft and put my lips and tongue on the head of his **** and not long after that he shot his load all over my lips. I kept them kind of pushed onto the head so I wouldn't get it in my mouth, but it wouldn't go everywhere too. Stupid huh? I could still tasted his *** obviously - which was very strange to me.

We cleaned up and went to sleep back in our regular positions. We never spoke of it and I never told a soul until I sat down to write this today in 2012. HE, however, told his sisters and a few friends - I KNOW he did because they would make stupid comments to me eeeeeevery once in a while when sex came into a conversation - about me "going both ways". I was mad at him for that but didn't de-friend him. I was just like "Really?" in my head.

Well - since that night - all those years ago - I have dreamed of doing that again. D-R-E-A-M-E-D of it. When I **********, I get hardest when I think of being with men. I have used my wife's toys on myself and I know from doing so that I would LOVE to have a man inside me! I have fantasized about all kinds of scenarios and a LOT of shower stuff - since I am a big fan of shower sex and ************. What a great place to stoke your **** - or close your eyes and dream of stroking one and having someone stroke mine.

So this site is my first step into accepting I am bi. I had to share - to get it off my chest. I have enjoyed reading and learning and I have learned a lot about what turns me on - but that's another story :)
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Nov 26, 2012