My Turn Ons Suprised Me...

As I make my way through my newly accepted "bi-ness" I have found specific things that turn me on that I NEVER thought would get me going.

Crossdressers - OMG - that is SO awesome. I am SO envious of how pretty some of them look - envious in the way that I would LOVE to be with them and touch them and enjoy their bodies!! I have been making friends on here and enjoying their pictures - the more feminine the better - and I have been ************ to them like a fool. Its like I am 16 again :)

Transgender - OMG AGAIN - breasts AND *****??????????? Heaven. What I wouldn't give to have a friend/FWB like that LOL

Older women - Always a staple of my desires. I have been on many websites like Fling and others and have actually met up with a couple of them. I am 47 so older women to me that I like are mid 50s and beyond!! Cannot get enough. I wish I knew how to run a blog or website - I'd make an awesome one after scouring the internet for amateur older OLDER women!!

So many times I have been lonely and desired to have some bi fun and thought the only outlet for finding some was Craigslist. I have placed a few ads but in emails and pics back and forth I always chicken out. I have what seemed like some pretty nice guys ask me to come over and just watch **** and jack each other off - which sounds awesome - but I fear the unknown of how they could be a freakin' psycho or something. I mean - could it really be OK to do that? Then there are guys who want to go to a room, wear masks so we don't know who each other is and both leave right after we ***. Not sure I want that. Its ok to be friendly right? I don't know.

Kissing - I have not kissed a man. I am not sure I could kiss a masculine man like myself full on. I just don't know. A crossdresser or TS/TG I think I could. Does that make me a bad person?

And the quest goes on
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I know what you mean. I am not attracted to "manly" men, only fairly feminine men. (and women)