Oh - Another Problem For Me

I was not blessed with the largest **** in the world. I have a whole five inches rock hard. So when someone's post or add says they want a tree trunk - it kinda leaves me out. I am going to check out more on EP about men with my problem and see how they have dealt with it....
samsamsonite samsamsonite
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I don't see 5" rock hard a bad thing. Sounds like 5" of a good thing.

I think you will be surprised to find that most guy don't have much more. Even the ones looking for a tree trunk. I would love to play with you 5".

Well thanks ! I had just seen so many in the showers at work at were so much much bigger than mine - i haven't been with too many up close and personal LOL

try it you might like it

Oh my friend - I completely intend to LOL