Bisexual Crossdresser...

I've crossed dressed for years now as an expression of my femininity. I'm also bisexual because I enjoy both the masculine and feminine role in the bedroom.
Up until this point I've only ever dated women in serious relationships, and had just sex based relations with men.
For this first time though I've considered serious dating with men as I've wanted to express my femininity more often and to because I always wanted to play the other side more in my life. As the "girlfriend" if you will.
Now some may say that it's impossible to be able to do that. I just believe its worth the shot and possible since I do involve my "girly" side so much.
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I want same thing girl

Sounds interesting to me too - your could try dressing 24/7 when together.. work for me would be too tough- sad to say... People in my life are stubborn , judgmental and harsh - worst of all ... not very open minded... Sad I know. I too have been dressing for years and want to get to the next level and seduce a guy to **** me in my sissy man **** ... open my *** up to accommodate that salami of a **** tool...

To dream though... I may try appearing more feminine, even if its subtle at first, and maybe not at work. ;)

love your ideal where are you


to bad we are so far apart

I know... Always how it is. Same thing happened with the friends who knew about my secret, they moved far away.