Trying To Fall Out Of Love With Good Friend But Stay Friends. How Do I Do This? Help!

In love with a good friend for 1.5 years. I have kept it to myself. Watched her date several guys that break her heart. I see so many good things in her that I don't think she sees in herself. We have a lot of fun together but she can also drive me nuts. Either way, it would be hard not having her around, she is one of my favorites. However, things have become complicated for me because I am really attracted to her-physically, emotionally and mentally. It's like I have found my soul mate and I can't have her. To complicate matters I am a bisexual woman and I don't think she is. She is currently dating a guy and every time I see him, it feels like I get a hard punch in the stomach. She has every right to be happy and I think he does this for her but I wish it could be me. There are times when I thought that she may have had feelings for me but nothing ever came of it. She doesn't really talk that much about him when we spend time together but it hurts when she does mention his name. I want to be a good friend and don't want to loose my best friend but I feel like I distance myself and become cold when she talks about him. Any advice is appreciated. Really been thinking about this for sometime
Biquest29 Biquest29
Dec 15, 2012