Bi And Proud

I always knew I was bi but just had no name for it. I grew up is a christian house where anything relating to gay meant wrong and sinful. It took me years to get over those feelings of homophobia / biphobia. I went to schools where sexual education did not cover orientations or identities. When I learnt others like me existed, I felt much more relaxed about being bi. Fortunately my workplace is very accepting and my coming out has encouraged conversation and questions.
I have been out and proud for 6 years now and feeling great. It like a great burden lifts from you when you no longer have to hide such a secret. I enjoy the comfort and strength of a man but the soft curves of a woman turn me on more than any man could. I can honestly say I would be happy to end up marrying a woman or man.
Your never alone
drakneko drakneko
26-30, T
Jan 6, 2013