I Am Bisexual And Proud!!

Since I was about 8 years old after what happen with me and my dad I started seeing girls different since he made me makeout with his 1 girlfriend and I started liking girls in a sexul kinda way but couldn't see that til I was about 12 and I met a girl threw my gay guy friend which was his cousin and I stayed the night at her place and we got drunk and ended up doing things in the shower and ended in her bed and I woke up the next morning naked next to her hardly remembering anything from my first hangover but remembered that stuff and I realized I was bisexual and starting liking girls more but after years of rapes and people/and family treating me like **** and always putting me down and haven't been hurt by many girls I just always loved girls in everyway even sexually. I have been bisexual since technically 8 years old and I am now 18 years old and been talking tom ore girls and I've dated a lot more and done stuff with them but I want to say IM BISEXUAL AND PROUD!!! I support all different people and don't judge, and for all the people out there different sexual orientations, color and more don't let people put u down and stand up for who u are and who u want be and when u come out to whoever don't be SCARED!, be proud for who u are and who u want be and people will start respecting u for u, It may take time but the people u come out to will sooner or later accept u for u, if not then don't worry bout it there's people out there that will love u and accept u for u!! I know u might risk getting kicked out, being homeless, or bullied or worse by coming out but its worth it sometimes for u wanting to be urself. trust me I came out and now hardly any of my family talk to me, or contact me period, half that talk to me do judge me still and the other half criticize me or don't understand or think its a phase and the only 3 people I got left which is my grandma and grandpa and mom I got to bite my tong all the time cause this is the last place I have left with my grandma and im homeless again if I don't but im starting to not care cause im being who I am which is bisexual and if they don't like it then they don't love me for me. anyways for all the different people out there u always can be urself and I understand a lot of things and this is one main one, if u read my stories ud understand that I have been threw a lot and that's not even half of it with them stories bout my life and I understand a lot of things, im here for everyone even if I don't know u cause I know its hard.
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You've had a hard life, but I just wish I had half of the courage you do. Thank you!

you will get he courage one day hun, t open ur heart and do what u think is best and be who u wana be. your welcome:)