Its Always Been

I guess I've always known I was bisexual, well I've known from my mid teenage years anyway. I never dabbled until I was in my early twenties, though, I wanted to when I was younger I just never found the right people to play with.

My first time was with a girl, Sharon, I got friendly with at the place that I used to work. We got realy friendly at work, got to know each other realy well and then we started going clubbing together. I was still heavily in to ecstacy at the time as was Sharon and one night after we'd been out together we went back to mine and had sex for the first time. It was an incredible experience and it opened me up to a whole new world. I remember feeling like I had been missing out on so much and just wanted more of it.

Sharon had a boyfriend, James, at the time, they're now married, and we often had ********** together which was amazing as he was such a good **** and open to just about anything we wanted to do, using strap on's etc.

I've never maintained a relationship with a woman and have had plenty of sex with women, in fact I have regular sex with my best friened Jules, but it's not a serious thing we have. We just like to play when there's no guys around and know how to satisfy each other. We've never played with guys together though, maybe we will some time, we've talked about it but never got around to it.
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Jan 7, 2013