My New Girlfriend

I am a 40 year old man twice married, once divorced, and going through my 2nd divorce. I wonder if ever getting married again is even worth it, lol. My first marriage was a big mistake from the get go. I was in the military serving overseas and not thinking straight. I never loved her and she was just out to take advantage of me. My 2nd marriage was alright for at least 6 years, then she had an affair with a sergeant in our reserve unit. I left and came home to Florida. I am for the first time in many years now a bachelor and loving it. When I first moved here about 2 years ago I started seeing several women and just having fun, having lots of sex and breaking hearts. I have been dating a woman for about 4 months now and am crazy about her. I'm not messing around with other women at all. She is 44, and going through a divorce herself. We have a lot in common and are very happy being together. She recently told me that she is bisexual and still is sexually attracted to women, witch is just an added bonus to me, as I love that in a woman. I admitted to her that I am bi curious and had one sexual experience with a man a long time ago. To my relief, she was totally accepting of this and said it didn't bother her at all. As we haven't been together for that long and we're taking things fairly slow, we aren't playing with other people (*********'s couples) yet, although it is a great possibility for the future. She was into the swingers lifestyle in the past and I think still is interested in it. I have no problem with that,as I'm up for just about anything sexual. Who knows what the future may hold for us. I'm just happy life is finally going my way for once. I'm happier now than I ever was married to either of my ex wives. Just taking life one day at a time, having fun and being happy.
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Jan 9, 2013