Figuring Out I Was Different..

When I knew I was a bisexual I was young. It was after my Uncle had sexually molested me when I was 10. The only thing I kept thinking about was how nasty it was having some man shove his tounge down my throat and touch me in places a ten year old shouldn't be touched. By around 12 I knew I was into girls because I would catch myself checking out girls in the hallways at school or in stores and thinking "no autumn girls like men not women" trying so hard to get myself to be "normal". Fast forward three years still in denial I got my first boyfriend and when we first got together we had sex and I finally figured out I was bisexual..
I will post more in a new story. Thanks for reading :)
exploringmyworld91 exploringmyworld91
22-25, F
Jan 9, 2013