Telling Each Other How We Feel..

About a month ago Cody and my friend had started messaging on Facebook about me being bi and he was telling her that we had feelings for each other but were in denial and he could see it in the way we looked at each other and obviously she couldn't not tell me so she did and it got us thinking "what if". Me and her started making it a regular part of our conversations about what he said and so one night the week before this New Years me and her talked about our feelings finally. She had said that she couldn't stop thinking about how Cody and her Gf both see this thing between us and so she was saying she was confused so I simply asked "what do you think of me" and she said that I was amazing and beautiful etc and so I told her the same and so we started playing the "what if" game and long text convo short we told each other that we have deep feelings for each other and if we were both single we'd def date.. :)
More in the next story, it takes a huge turn for the worse.
Thanks for reading..
exploringmyworld91 exploringmyworld91
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013