The Horrible Ending To A Wonderful Friendship..

Well when we were saying all that her and her Gf were on another off moment so she didn't bother to delete what we had guess what happened next? Yup that's right..she found them and read them all. They had gotten back together and I had gotten my new iPhone and with it was a new number well she has deleted my messages we had wrote from my new number but had forgotten about my old number and our "serious" convo and so her Gf read them, confronted her, and they broke up..again. Her gf started messaging me on Facebook saying how hurt she was and told my friend that I had to tell Cody because it wasn't fair to him and she was right and I had been wanting to tell him for months how I had been feeling but I never thought I'd be forced to. So I told him and he was fine with it but then she didn't get the response she wanted which was him leaving me over it and so she moved onto saying my friend had to choose her or me. So my friend told me and I told her that I'd let her choose and at first she told her Gf she wouldn't choose and so that meant she chose me and then she gf started messaging Cody on Facebook and telling him word for word what these texts said and he was a little upset but we talked about it and were fine. So again she didn't get what she wanted which was to break up me and Cody like her and my friend had broken up. So me and Cody were fine but two days later my friend and her ex got back together and that meant she chose her. But we had worked our way around it where we only talked at work and texted when she texted me first but now we really don't talk at all. So now I am focusing my entire energy on Cody and she's still on and off with her Gf pretty much daily. But then yesterday she asked me to be her girlfriend but only if I left Cody for her and I said until she was serious about it and over Steph that it wouldn't happen so idk what's going to happen from here but all ik is our friendship will never be the same..
That's my story, 11 stories but all one big story about my life of being a bisexual. Thanks for reading :)
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that was interesting...