Am I?

I have had sex with so many women over the years. I kept track of how many just for my own sake. I have slept with ninety different women. I have had opportunities to sleep with men, but never acted on them at all. They have always excited me and I think on these times and spank my meat dreaming of them. It all started adding up recently when I told my wife I liked to dress in womens clothes. Now she wont let me stop persuing this side of myself. I dream of becomig a woman now all the time. I love sex and so do men. Women can care less about having sex they can go without for a long time and get laid when and where they want. If I finish my process all the way to becoming a woman and have sex with men does that make me Bi or just a normal woman? I am going to have sex with men before my transformation is complete and am assuming that is Bi, but I guess what will make me Bi is the fact that I have also had sex with women. I am slightly confused about the whole situation. I am sure as a woman I will still have sex with them, so I guess I have figured it out that I am Bi.
Jessica1967 Jessica1967
41-45, T
Jan 10, 2013