My First Time

One afternoon my best friend and I were sitting in my hot tub started talking about life, sex and our marriages. After a little while, we starting looking at each other then turning away. We both wanted each other and we both could tell. So my friend being the more aggressive one moved over next to me and started kissing me. I was surprised at first, but quickly got turned on and VERY into her. We started making out, and I lost track of time because of how long we just laid there making out. By that time my bathing suit was all wet with my juices. I was wondering how wet she was so I slowly moved my hand down between her legs and slid my finger inside her bathing suit. She moan every so slightly, and at that moment I KNEW we were going to go all the way. I felt her and she was just as wet as me. I began removing her bathing suit to expose her breasts. I couldn't resist putting her hard nipples in my mouth. Rolling them with my teeth. I motioned for her to sit on the side of the tub as i moved between her legs and slowly started licking her *****. She loved it. Her breathing became hard and quick as she grabbed my head to push it close to her making my tongue slid into her. She moaned with excitement and I pulled away a little bit just enough to ask her if she liked doing this, She ended up said "**** yes! Don't stop" So I slid one of my fingers inside of her and started to finger **** her while playing with her **** with my tongue. Her breathing became EVEN MORE hard and quick. I knew she was close to *******. I continued my pace, ******* her with my finger and licking and sucking on her ****. She started to moan really loud, and then she screams my name and ****. Her juices run down my hand and i lick it up but dont swallow it so that I could kiss her and let her taste her own juices. We make out for about another 10-15 mins before getting dressed going back to our normal lives.

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8 Responses Jan 13, 2013

so nice story and hot ,,,,, you made me wet then cummmmmm .

Sounds a great beginning to mutual pleasure ! cheers !

intense...sounds like a wonderful start

It was. Would like to experience it again with someone

That was awesome. I've yet to be with a woman but I imagine it will be as great as this story.

That sounds like you and her were two very aroused women

now i;ve got my **** in my hand,,,,

loved the story, made me hard. It sounded like it happened so natauraly. thanks for the story.

I liked your experinece a lot. Did you met her a lot of times after your experience or only once or twice?

Just a couple more times. She moved away

After this you had more bi sexual experiences?