My First Time Part 2

A few days later, my friend and I were at my house just sitting around talking. We decided to go shopping so I went upstairs to take a shower before we left. While I was in the shower my friend came and joined me. It shocked me at first but she came up behind me and began massaging my ****. I felt her hands running all over my body. She dropped down to take my nipples into her mouth sucking them deep and hard. She then slid her hand between my legs and began rubbing my ****. I felt my body react to her in a way I hadn’t experienced previously. She dropped to her knees and took my leg and placed it on the side of the tub as she began to lick my ****. The feel of the water running down my body as her tongue swirled around my ***** was amazing. She then began sliding her finger into me as she ate me causing me to buck against her mouth. I could feel my ****** building as she began to thrust her fingers in and out of me. My hips tilting up to give her better access. She was licking me all around as my ****** ripped through my body. She gripped my hip with her other hand and wouldn’t stop. She continued licking me as another ****** tore through me. My legs gave way as I lowered down to meet her. Kissing her and tasting my juices on her mouth. The taste was intoxicating. We just sat there embracing and kissing as my body heated back up. She then took my hand leading me to the bed where she had a bag of toys with her. She pulled out a strap on and began to put it on. She said she was going to make me feel better than any man had ever done. We spent the day in bed taking turns with each other. It was definitely a day I will never forget.
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Forgot the shopping EH????

Good for you guys. glad it happened that way.

soooooo awesome !

Wow I'm getting wet ad I'm not in the shower

Very hot I believe how hot it could be satisfying each other cause you know what each other and exactly how each other feels and wants sometimes men don't give you what you want I'm not one of them specially when I eat ***** with someone that can have Multiple *******

so hot

Amazing story my ***** loving friend

I enjoyed that - such a wonder day of exploration..

Sounds wonderful. Wish that would happen to me.

thank-you for sharing and hope you have many hours enjoying each other ,toys or not!

Hot story ! i would of loved to see you and your gf in action ! mmmmmm

I love your story and that you enjoyed having your ***** licked by another woman !


Breathtaking. And ***** tingling.

Glad u like it. Would like to chat sometime

Your one great story teller, both your stories turned me on more then i could say.

Wooow what a day, I think you were exhausted after such a day. Do you see each other frequently?