Bisexual And Loving It!

I have only been completely sure I am bisexual for about 5 month now, even though for the past couple of years my attraction to women has gotten stronger. My first experience with a women was truly amazing and not at all what I expected. I am in a relationship with the same women now, and I have very strong feelings for her. She is also my best friend and has had feeling towards me for a long time, it took us a while to act on these feeling however when we did it was very passionate. We were very nervous and didn't really know what we were doing but to my surprise it felt completely right and once we got into it it wasn't hard at all. I love her to bits and like how I can have a best friend relationship with her but also have a ****** relationship with her. Both our parents don't know yet but we have decided to keep it just us two for now, it feels really special and not like relationships that I've had with men before. It's awesome :) x
Freedom299 Freedom299
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013