Marceline And Princess Bubblegum

I've been speaking to this girl for about a month now. She's beautiful. She's sweet. She's kind. She's nerdy. She has red/pink hair.
I'm a huge Adventure Time fan.
My family nicknamed me Marceline when the show came out, because I am SO much like her. Punk, awesome, and basically a vampire. (a garlic allergy and I am allergic to sunlight, no joke)
Some people might already be aware, but in the AT series, Marcy and PB are former girlfriends and might possibly reunite.
So I call this girl my Princess Bubblegum. Or Bonnibel, PB's first name.
My dear Bonnibel and I have begun a relationship. We are Marceline and PB.
Smalllsk Smalllsk
Jan 15, 2013