My Second Time

I found out that I did enjoy being with a guy when me and my gf had a ********* and talked me into having sex with the black guy. it was a blast.

but this is about the second time. I was chilling at home and my gf called me up and we talked for a few then she asked me if I would be up to try it one more time if she wasnt there. I thought about it for a min and said I would give it a second shot since I did enjoy the first time. She told me that she was sending some one over then and she wanted to hear all about it.

I was suprised that she was just sending some one over, but I went and took a shower and put on some comfy clothes since i was going to be getting out of them anyway. He knocked on the door and I opened it to find a black guy standing there a little heavy set about 6' I introduced my self and he told me his name was lawrence. I invited him in and I was a little nervous so I asked if why he had come over. He was very blunt about it and said my gf sent him over to **** me silly.

With that out of the way I figured there was nothing to lose so I moved infront of him and pulled his pants down. I wasnt expecting his **** to be semi hard already it popped out and smacked me on the chin. It was at least 8'' and pretty fat too. I took him in my hand and gave him a few strokes and felt him pulse as he got harder. I lifted him up a little and took him into my mouth. I tried to take as much of him in my mouth as I could. but only got half way. I sucked on his **** tell he was completely hard and he told me that he wanted me bent over the couch. I stood up and undressed grabbing the lube. I handed him the lube as I got on my knees bent over the couch. I felt the cool sensation as he lubed me up and slide a finger into me to make sure there was plenty of lube.

Then he put one hand on my side and I felt him press the head of his **** against my boy *****, I was nervous and just tensed up. he told me to relax he would take it slow. It took me a few but I managed to and I felt the head of his big ***** push inside me. It hurt a little since I have only done this once before. he stopped for a min as I got used to it. once I felt better I pushed back on him taking him a little deeper. I managed to only take 3/4ths of him in me but once I had a good movement going it felt awesome. I was loving the feeling of his ***** being deep inside me. when he pushed into me I found myself pushing back and taking him willingly. I told him I wanted it harder. He grabbed my sides and started to pound me. He was all but pulling out of me before slamming back in I was enjoying myself. I didnt realise it but my gf sat down next to me and asked how I was doing. I looked up at her and told her it was awesome.

I went back to enjoying my *******. I heard her tell him to **** his *** into me. I didnt believe it at first then I heard him say he was close. I felt his muscles start to tense up and heard my gf tell him to **** all his *** into me. it was hot hearing her say it. then I felt him grab my sides and thrust into me and felt his **** throbbing, I felt him shooting all the way inside me. it felt awesome. I was coming down from my high his **** still inside me. I was sweating from it,

he slowly slide out of me and I sat down turning around and looked at my gf. she was standing there half naked as the guy was getting dressed. he said if I ever wanted more just call him.

he left after that and my gf straddled me and slide down on my hard ****, I was still horny from not getting off that it didnt take me long before I was filling her ***** full of ***.

it was a great night. havent had a repeat but I would love to sometime.
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Love it!

Great story and well written, you really take me there! I especially like the part where you described your feelings when the rhythm got going, that's the part about being ****** that I enjoy so much, that wonderful movement between me and my partner, adjusting, responding to each others desires.